03 Sep Appeal For Funds – Please Help!

Can you spare a few pounds to help fund the CLEAR campaign?

Our biggest costs are travelling expenses, printing and promotional material. Everyone who works for CLEAR does so on a voluntary basis and all members of the executive committee even pay their own telephone and internet bills.

Over the next few months we have some big commitments. Our biggest single expense ever has been commissioning the “Taxing the UK Cannabis Market” report from IDMU. Now the press conference on 14th September also involves considerable expense and then through the rest of the year, the Cannabis Truth roadshow will need support. Apart from petrol and a cheap hotel or B&B when we can’t stay with members, local councils charge for such events, sometimes hundreds of pounds.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a fiver. Everything makes a difference, goes directly towards the campaign and is another step on the road towards ending the prohibition of cannabis.

We also have some big expenditure ahead with the Legal Remedies campaign. We have now identified three European doctors who are prepared to consider prescriptions for medicinal cannabis. We’re still working out the logistics but it may mean flying one or more of the doctors to the UK, putting them up in an hotel and bringing medicinal users to them. The expense involved will be considerable.

So please, go to the home page and click on the “donate” button. Alternatively, please send a cheque, postal order or small denomination banknotes to CLEAR, PO Box 674, Salfords, Redhill, Surrey. RH1 9BN.

If it’s a fiver, thank you very much. If you can afford more, please do so!