Cannabis Information


    A Female Cannabis Plant In Early Flower

    What Is Cannabis?

    Cannabis is a stimulating-hallucinogenic depressant with anti-psychotic properties, it’s not your normal run of the mill drug.

    To be strictly accurate and possibly pedantic cannabis is not a drug; cannabis is a plant which produces a range of active chemicals which we call drugs.  Some forms of the plant contain a substance known as THC which, together with certain other chemicals made by the plant, produce an effect on perception known in much of the world as “getting stoned”.

    The cannabis experience is the combined effect of several drugs, not simply the effect of THC alone and different types (strains) of the cannabis plant produce different ratios of the active drugs and therefore have subtly different effects on the user. Some forms of cannabis do not contain very much if any THC.

    This section will provide information on the plant, it’s benefits and risks.

    UKCIA Research Collection

    UKCIA holds a large collection of studies and information about cannabis
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    Medical uses

    a whole section is devoted to this aspect

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    The many uses of Hemp

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    The plant

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    Cannabis and Mental Health

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    Health risks

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    Using cannabis

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