The Police Strip Search A Severely Disabled Woman And Find Four Grams Of Cannabis.

20 May The Sickening Cruelty Of UK Drugs Policy.

Hats off to Coronation Street for the fantastic job they are doing on the Izzy and medicinal cannabis story.This storyline is beautifully paced, very powerful, deeply emotional and is doing wonders for the cause of those who need cannabis as medicine.[caption id="attachment_1293" align="alignleft" width="300"] Pain, Fear, Humiliation.[/caption]After so...

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15 May A Real Cannabis Crime.

Out walking my dogs this week I had spotted a black plastic bag dumped by the side of the road  that runs along the crest above my house.  My suspicions were confirmed today when I took a closer look.  It contained two or three rootballs and over the fence, what I...

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