06 Mar Corby Police Claim Cannabis Odour Is Carcinogenic

According to the Harborough Mail:

“Police are warning that when cannabis plants reach the final stages of maturity the odour they release has carcinogenic properties.”

This is a new height in the absurdity of anti cannabis propaganda. More seriously, it is a grave breach of the Editors’ Code by the newspaper and a yet more serious descent into falsehood and deliberate misinformation by the police. See here for the article.

The seriousness and corrupt intent of a police officer knowingly promoting such lies cannot be overestimated. The only possible excuse is ignorance and stupidity but even then, it is not something that can be allowed to pass. It is a disgrace. In exactly the terms of the police standards of professional behaviour, this statement must “discredit or undermine public confidence in the police service”.

I have made a complaint directly to the Northamptonshire Police.

—– Original Message —–
From: Peter Reynolds
To: PSDMain@northants.police.uk
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 2:26 PM
Subject: Complaint concerning Corby police

Dear Sirs,

I am writing in connection with an article that appeared in the Harborough Mail on 3rd March 2012 under the headline “Drugs factory raided”. The article is still available online at: http://www.harboroughmail.co.uk/news/crime/drugs-factory-raided-1-3578914

I am the elected leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) a UK political party with almost 10,000 registered supporters. We recognise that the police are as much victims of the misguided policy of prohibition as any other part of society. We also recognise that you have a duty to uphold the law as it presently stands.

However, in the seventh paragraph the article states: “Police are warning that when cannabis plants reach the final stages of maturity the odour they release has carcinogenic properties.”

This is inaccurate, misleading and false. It is politicking and propaganda of the worst kind and amounts to gross misconduct by the officer concerned.

The article goes on to say that “…people who have plants in their home, especially anyone with young children, may be exposing their family to a health risk”.

Again, this is absolute nonsense. It is scaremongering based on false science. It must be corrected.

From the article it would appear that the officer responsible for these statements is Inspector Gary Williams.

Please will you ensure that appropriate disciplinary action is taken against Insp. Williams or whichever officer is responsible. We also expect Northamptonshire Police to issue an apology and a correction.

If such action is not forthcoming then this will be raised as a formal complaint with the IPCC.

A complaint is also being made to the Press Complaints Commission.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Reynolds

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