Home Office Refuses FOI Request Concerning GW Pharma’s Cannabis Licence

    The Home Office and GW Pharmaceuticals – Partners In Crime

    This may come as no surprise to those who already recognise the corrupt and unlawful relationship between the Home Office and GW Pharmaceuticals.

    You can track this FOI request and review all correspondence here.

    These are the Home Office’s reasons:

    I have concluded that disclosing the information could damage the commercial interests of the GW Pharmaceuticals and also make them potential targets of criminal activity.

    Releasing the information you have requested would not be in the public interest and I have, therefore, decided to withhold the requested information. The potential harm which would likely be caused to the company if the information were to be disclosed outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

    This is my email requesting an internal review.

    Dear Home Office,

    I am writing to request an internal review of Home Office’s handling of my FOI request ‘Details of GW Pharmaceuticals licence for production of cannabis’.

    This request is refused on two grounds

    1. It may damage GW Pharma’s commercial interests.

    This is an absurd excuse.  GW has already been granted what is almost certainly an unlawful monopoly.  The relationship between the Home Office and GW is self-evidently corrupt and improper.  How does this square with the anti-monopoly provisions of the Enterprise Act 2002? What opportunities exist for other businesses to grow cannabis for medicine?  This licence is issued by a public authority and its terms and conditions (redacted in part if necessary) should be freely available to public scrutiny.

    2. It may make GW potential targets of criminal activity.

    Again, an absurd excuse.  The location of GW’s facilities are already public knowledge – at it’s headquarters in Porton Down, Wiltshire and at the Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne.

    This is nothing but an excuse to prevent public scrutiny and amounts to an unlawful breach of the FOI Act 2000.

    Yours faithfully,

    Peter Reynolds

    I will not acquiesce to this disgraceful and improper conduct by the Home Office.  There are many routes open to challenge this and you can be certain that I will pursue them to the very end.

    It is interesting that the US government, which maintains the same dishonest and corrupt position that cannabis has “no medicinal value” is about to issue an exclusive licence to Kannalife for the “development and sale of cannabinoid(s) and cannabidiol(s) based therapeutics as antioxidants and neuroprotectants for use and delivery in humans. ”

    • Hero Wnb

      typical…. seems this is never going to get anywhere, people are just going to continue to get criminal records, sick people will continue to be jailed and all just because we want to use a herb… i think the best route was thought out by Mr Guy Fawkes.

    • Christopher

      Ha ha, now they’ll have to scratch their heads to come up with another bullshit excuse to fob you off, since they cannot tell you the truth, which is the only people they will allow ever to grow cannabis are their friends in Big Pharma and they think it is none of your bloody business what relationship they have with GW Pharma.

    • ADHD

      we must flood em with FOI requests for this, lets send in hundred or thousands of FOI requests, freak em out a bit

    • Smee

      This is disgraceful…what other company interested in “healing” have their share price on the home page of their website

    • Cshaws

      Peter – would it be worth all clear members sending in a similar/same request ? A few hundred (or thousand) requests might cause something to trigger :^)

    • Cshaws

      PS I assume you have cc’d the Information Commissioner’s Office >>>>  

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darryl-Bickler/1556398261 Darryl Bickler
    • Cshaws

      Have faith – positive mental attitude Hero Wnb – positive mental attitude !

    • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

      I’m following the prescribed procedure which means that first I’ve asked the HO to do an internal review.  Then we will move on to the Information Commissioner

    • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

      Yes, I have seen that Darryl .  Prof Pertwee called for “legalisation” last year:


    • Cshaws

      NB the comment “…. Sativex, the world’s first cannabis based medicine…” from the GW spindoctors. It would be funny if not so infuriating.

    • Psmith67


      Ex-Pharmaceutical employee speaks out about
      how the purpose of the industry is to promote and continue the disease
      in order to sell drugs.. not cure. 

      say it all

    • Rossjones34

      again every leading political party is open to bribery and corruption, we voted these losers in. Let’s make them follow up on our requests as afore said WE voted them in

    • Krazykazza

      Its time for some action, if Peter is fobbed off like this can the government continue to fob us all off?? 

    • Jblues

      Why can they grow and I cant? Such a stupid system. If they can create ‘medicine’, surely I should be allowed to as well.