Is Cannabis Medicine Or A Menace To Society?

    In the Hotseat on Voxafrica TV, moderated by Akintayo Adetokunbo

    Dr Ben Whalley, senior lecturer in pharmacology, Reading University

    Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform, the UK political party

    Lester Holloway, Liberal Democrat councillor for Sutton North ward

    Frans Koopmans, manager of the De Hoop Foundation drug treatment centre, Dordrecht, Netherlands

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    • Petros Constantopoulos

      quite good so far, think you did a great job Peter. Hope some sense can be seen by others such as the guy from the Netherlands on webcam.

    • Sour Alien

      The idiot from Holland is obviously biased, ”cannabis addiction is worse than cocaine” in his opinion, speaks volumes. Dr Ben Whalley is a complete tool, and obviously programmed to think in a certain way. Thankfully the moderator was very good with his non biased approach, but thank goodness for Peter and Lester Holloway for allowing some sanity, reason and rational thinking to take place in the debate. I notice not one person could really argue that prohibition is causing more harm than cannabis ever could.

    • ChristopherSawtell

      It’s either both at the same time, or neither. It all depends on two things:-

      1) The user’s appreciation of how insidious it can be. So that (s)he knows how much is going to be harmful to him or her before (s)he even starts using it.

      The cry from the heart from Sam in another thread is a sad instance of the kind of tragedy which can so easily happen.

      2) The care and attention with which it is grown. I think we can assume that the products, for example, from Bedrocan and GW-Pharmaceuticals are grown in hygienic environments. These are examples of good quality horticultural production producing safe products. What would be very interesting indeed would be to know if anybody at all has had a seriously adverse reaction any products from these companies. The currently illicit alternative is the dubious production methods in dirty environments so often from ignorant operatives who sometimes produce a contaminated and dangerous end product. I understand the contamination is frequently from molds, some of which can be really dangerous. For an example of the effect molds can have on us humans look up ergot in the Wikipedia:-

      Notice that not all molds are as dangerous as ergot, after all the penicillin from which many antibiotics originated is a mold.

      Thanks are due to Peter for the rational contribution he made to the Hotseat programme on Voxafrica TV. It was one of the best, if not the best, programmes of its type I have ever seen. What a pity it seems that the mainstream broadcasters can’t emulate Voxafrica TV.

    • MauriceRabbit

      Some scientists (theBrian Cox kind) are utterly enthralled by the beauty of the world and everything in it. Others (the Ben Whalley kind) seem driven to extract all the ‘useful’ bits and discard the rest no matter how beautiful.