Judges Who Display Prejudice And/Or Promote False Science About Cannabis

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    Judge David Aubrey (artist's impression)

    “Drugs, whether heroin or cannabis resin or herbal cannabis, cause despondency, despair, degradation, addiction and crime.”

    Judge David Aubrey, Liverpool Crown Court, January 2012

    Judge Simon Tonking

    But even those who produce cannabis for their own use can expect a custodial sentence.”

    Judge Simon Tonking, Stafford Crown Court, December 2011

    (Judge Tonking had adjourned the case on condition the accused stopped taking cannabis but “taking cannabis” is not a criminal offence.  The Judge clearly stepped beyond the law)

    Judge Trevor Faber (artist’s impression)

    ‘‘It appears to me that you have been using cannabis habitually since the early 90s and nothing has persuaded you to stop it. You will stop it now.”

    (“using cannabis” is not a criminal offence.  The Judge clearly stepped beyond the law)

    Judge Trevor Faber, Coventry Crown Court, December 2011

    Judge Ian Pearson

    ‘These offences are so serious that only a custodial sentence may be justified for them”

    (For ONE plant!)

    Judge Ian Pearson, Portsmouth Crown Court, December 2011

    Judge John Potter

    “There are better ways to deal with pain than by filling your body with poison like cannabis.”

    Judge John Potter, Bradford Crown Court, November 2011

    Judge Alan Goldsack QC

    “Cannabis is a dangerous drug and those who bring it into existence must be punished.”

    Judge Alan Goldsack, Sheffield Crown Court, September 2011

    Judge Roger Thorn

    “Recent research indicates one in four cannabis users will trigger psychosis because of what they are doing.”

    Judge Roger Thorn, Newcastle Crown Court, May 2011

    Judge Christopher Plunkett (artist’s impression)

    “Anyone producing illegal drugs would always be sent to custody.”

    (Mother and daughter sent to jail for 20 months each for five plants)

    Judge Christopher Plunkett, Worcester Crown Court, May 2011

    Judge Richard Bray

    “Super-strength skunk grown in cannabis factories across the country is causing lasting mental problems for users.”

    Judge Richard Bray, Northampton Crown Court, April 2011


    Self-evidently, these judges are unfit to preside in any case involving cannabis because of the prejudice and/or ignorance they have so clearly demonstrated.  If you face trial in front of them our advice is to instruct your solicitor to try and get the judge removed.

    Please advise CLEAR of any further instances of judicial prejudice or misinformation about cannabis.  We will update this page regularly.

    • Joemilburn

      Where’s Sheffield’s very own Allan Goldsack?

    • Cshaws

      Yes, where is old uncommunicative twinklescrote? 

    • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

      Thank you for reminding me!

    • Cshaws

      Goldsack : “The law requires
      that custodial sentences are passed both by

      way of punishment and
      hopefully to get the message around to the public that cannabis

      is a dangerous drug and
      those who bring it into existence must be punished.”

    • Stewie1991

      @Cshaws so your saying a completely natural product made by nature is wrong and should not be here? Who are you to judge? well in that case you are a menace to society, and even though you are a product of this earth, with your frame of mind you should not be here, be open to what this planet has, not prejudice. People like you really p**s me off

    • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

      Dear me Stewie!  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

      Cshaws is one of our most stalwart campaigners and is quoting the words of Judge Alan Goldsack.

      Brain before post engage think and.

    • Cshaws

      Good bit of passion mate – I like it.  Good shot – wrong f****ing direction haha :^) 

    • A Man

      Like Goldsmith suggests, we need to lock up nature. How dare it make Cannabis!
      I would go a little further and suggest we lock up the sun! I mean we can’t have the sun rising any more, after all it causes all sorts of plants to grow. In turn the plants eventually die or go dormant leaving remnants of themselves for people to slip on. Like trees dropping leaves, they land on train tracks, pavements and roads, which in turn cause problems for people getting to work. How much longer must we suffer the indignity of slipping, when the solution is so obvious!


      P.S. Like the name and shame slant here. Keep up the good work :)

    • Cshaws

      Thanks for the accolade Peter but I’m sure there are many, more  deserving, foot soldiers. 

    • Cshaws

      If you think it’s bad here in the UK >>> 


      I’m reading the Pot Book at the moment.  Its worth getting hold of if you can.  

    • Chris Lamprecht

      where do judges come from? some different society from that we live in, right?
      where are the future generation’s of judges – we need to get to them in conjunction with pushing for reform.

    • Psmith67

      clearly the law is in disrepute when these clown Ass judges are passing sentence and saying shit like they are saying????
      When you trial a murder you rely on science based evidence such as DNA and forensic science provided to the courts by experts in there field, people sentenced by these Ass clown judges have not had a fair trial?

      The Law is in disrepute – Should not the law society be informed and the attorney General?

    • parttimer


      Did anyone else see this, I expect nonsense from the Mail but this one was so ridiculous I was actually shocked by it.
      I was going to comment warrior it, but they locked it.

    • Cshaws

      Well if you believe the blurb on the judiciary web site >

      ““[When taking the judicial oath, judges and magistrates swear] ‘To do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm without fear or favour, affection or ill-will’.”

      Without Ill-will means with mercy – and that’s a vicarious duty on behalf of the queen who at her coronation swore to ’cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed’  in all her judgements.  So as far as I can tell, this lot are guilty of dereliction of duty and breach of contract.

      Also on the judiciary website it says  “Many qualities are required of a judge… He or she must of course know the law, and know how to apply it, but the judge must also be wise to the ways of the world. The judge must have the ability to make a decision.”  

       ‘Wise to the ways of the world’ !!! – well I’ll let you all come to your own conclusions on that one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=550178909 Spencer West

      “There are better ways to deal with pain than by filling your body with poison like cannabis.” Let me guess, ALCOHOL?? pfft… yeah right haha :P

    • Cshaws

      Or paracetemol – kills about 500 a year I believe – main ingredient of Calpol too.  We really do live in la-la-land

    • Christopher

      This is the true evil that CLEAR is about fighting.

    • martyn

      i may be wrong but each one of those puppets in the photos ,look like peadophiles who have the stench of wine on their breaths and they are making our country look like a stagnant puddle of water.

    • Anonymous

      They must be getting desperate to have to play the Eugenics card!
      Wonder what they would find out about the brains of Daily Mail readers or even journalists for that matter? 

    • Anonymous

      These pseudo-judges are not unbiased or stable enough to hold a gavel, let alone an important position as a judge.
      Also from what CSHAWS has researched it would seem that these alleged judges have broken their own judicial oaths and should be removed from their post’s immediately. Giving a mother and daughter almost two years each for five plants is a monstrous abuse of power. Making otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals for growing five plants and imprisoning them for such a length will undoubtedly do more harm to them than the drug ever could.How is that fair or just?

       I wonder what the Royal House of Windsor would have to say about the abuse of power by these venomous bullies in big wigs? 
      Considering that at least one of her grandchildren has smoked weed(and incidentally went on to get 12 o’levels from Eton)and her son himself once asked some ms sufferers if they had tried cannabis-‘ “Have you tried taking cannabis? I have heard it’s the best thing for it,”-I would love to know how HM The Queen felt about her subjects being imprisoned for growing their own medicine/drug of choice.
      I doubt we would even get a response.
      God won’t save our gracious queen, as she is allowing the state to persecute her subjects for simply using what god gave them to use in the first place:

      Genesis CHAPTER 1, VERSE 29
      King James Version (KJV) 29And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.’If I wasn’t an atheist that would really piss me off!

    • Cshaws

      dirtysquirty  –  the judiciary work for the queen >>

      At her coronation she was asked:

      Archbishop. Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?she repliedQueen. I will.

      so she is overall judge.  When they are appointed her judges say the following…..Oath of allegiance
      “I, _________ , do swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law. ”

      Judicial oath
      “I, _________ , do swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of ________ ,and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will. ”

      Affirmation – Allegiance
      “I, ____________ , do solemnly sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second Her Heirs and Successors according to Law”

      Affirmation – Judicial
      I, ____________ , do solemnly sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of ____________ , and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this Realm without fear or favour affection or ill will.    They seem to have forgotten it though. I did consider writing to her to let her know that her boys (notice they are all male)  are out of control. Maybe I should ….

    • martyn

      amen to that,,,they should all be removed from that phony morale throne they believe they deserve to sit in

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Speed/100000465301077 Thomas Speed

      “I wonder what the Royal House of Windsor would have to say about the abuse of power by these venomous bullies in big wigs? ”

      Via the British Constitution, reigning Monarchs are supposed to veto any legislation that’s incompatible with our common law, somewhere along the way…. something happened, because the M.o.D Act is an unconstitutional piece of legislation, as is membership of, and transfer of powers to, the E.U. e.t.c.

      Government is full of traitors.

    • Stuart

      can’t we directly protest outside their houses? that should grab their attention. Also shouldn’t we be printing their addresses as well for directed (non offensive) mail campaigns?

      im sure you csn email judhes too, via the courts, it’s worth adding a few hours worth of paper work a week to these guys….

    • Jimtyjimjim

      all these judges and others whom have this opioion on cannabis against pills,,,id be willing to challange anyone upon this earth no matter whom you think you are and what ever you think you are,,me personly thinks these jugde,s are on drugs to think such rubbish,,ok the challage is quite simple and easy to do anyone can do it,BUT I DO NOT RECOMEND DOING SUCH A THING:::judges,go to a 3 story window has to hav a concreat path under it dive out the window without any type of protection,land on the concreat head 1st:::OK if you live grt even better now you know how i felt once i woke up in hospital,,,then take all the pills,, and see how many times 1 ends back up in hospial on lifesurport ,upside down many times over the last 25 yrs BUT i have never been back in hospial due to taking cannabis  FACT NOT FICTION: and i do have bone regenaration and that was cannabis not pills that did this again FACT not fiction::
      these people realy are not in the know and are blind ,,you wanna lock me up for stating the truth and i have the god given right to keep myself alive ::anyway how can any court in the land make anyone whom stands infront of the make someone swear upon the bilble then send some one down for it  now thats just wrong,,god gave man a seed on the 3rd day of ceration for man to feed clouth and medicate himself,,,if 1 ends up in court dont swear upon the bible unless you know the judge is going to keeps to god laws as well,,
      i appoligize for my english and spelling,ty


      OF THE


      This all started when I was arrested in Portsmouth for possession of a small quantity of a so-called class B drug, namely in Police jargon ‘Herbal cannabis’ at Ca. 15:00 on Thursday the 5th April. When the police officer asked me if I had any of the aforementioned substance I handed him my tobacco tin with a couple of grams of the illicit material.
      We then drove to the main police station where I was duly processed, i.e. photo, dabs and DNA swabs. I was then released on police bail with a document telling me that I had to appear at Portsmouth magistrate’s court at 09:45 on the 27th of April to answer to the charge.
      After I inquired about the location of economical ‘Backpacker’ hostels one of the officers said he would drive me to a homeless shelter. This turned out to be quite hospitable, even though it meant sharing a dormitory with 4 other men and 2 women. The regular residents had a wide screen TV, as well as tea and coffee making necessaries. The following morning I got up early and took the first available train home.
      On the following Monday I wrote to the court and told them that as I had already admitted to the possession, and the fact that it would cost me around £200 to attend the court hearing, would the court accept my postal statement of guilty as charged? I didn’t hear anything further until 17:45 on the 29th of May. See following entry.
      29.05.2012 As usual I was woken by the ’dawn chorus’ so I got up had a quick wash, made fresh coffee and went back to bed and read and smoked until around 07:30. Got up had my breakfast – yoghurt with honey – watched the news, checked and answered my e-mails.
      Ca 10:35 I went and bought some groceries. When I got home I made my midday repast – ‘Zanzibar chicken’- last night’s dinner micro waved. From two until four I played cards at the village social club without any success.
      Ca 17:45 I was washing yesterday’s dishes prior to making my evening meal; poached salmon fillet with broccoli, potatoes, and a spicy parsley sauce, when I heard a knock at the front door.
      Drying my hands I went to see who it was my door to find an attractive young police officer who was in the process of calling her colleague, who is on his way around to the back of my bungalow. After she had shown me her ID and warrant for my arrest, because of my no show at Portsmouth magistrate court on the 27th of April, I was allowed to pack some necessary items as I would be spending the night in a holding cell in Goole police station before being transported to Portsmouth by a security company the next day.
      On arrival I was duly processed, i.e. photo, dabs and DNA swabs. I was then shown into my abode for the night until my departure the following morning. Dave, the charging officer, asked if I would like a cup of tea and something to eat – coffee wasn’t available – too expensive; he rattled off a list of micro-wave meals. I chose Cottage pie, which was delivered piping hot, however the mashed potato had the appearance and texture of wallpaper paste. Nevertheless, it filled me up and after I’d eaten I was questioned by the police nurse about any illnesses or medication. During and after this examination I chatted and joked with the station staff. I asked the young police woman if she had been selected for the Olympic reinforcement ‘gravy-train’, which brought a round of jeers from her fellow officers.
      When I returned to my cell I drank some more tea and read until I’d finished the penultimate chapter in my current book.
      I buzzed the front desk and Dave came and asked if I needed anything to which I asked him to turn down the light, which he did and wished me a pleasant night’s sleep.
      Thursday 29.05.2012 I was woken by the sun and the sound of the early morning traffic. The night officer brought me a cup of tea around 06:00 and asked me what I would like breakfast. The choice was micro-wave beans, potato and sausages, or scrambled eggs and bacon. I chose the former; the beans were OK, the sausages appeared to be made of sawdust soaked in Soy sauce.
      Shortly after 07:00 I was released from my cell and handed over to the two security officers from GEO-AMEY. They immediately handcuffed me and one of the guards attached himself to my right wrist with a second set of ’cuffs for the three metres to the transport vehicle. It was fitted out to carry up to six prisoners from jail to the courts and vice-versa. Before getting into the van I asked one of the guards if I could have a smoke before we left. He said no, but he would make me a roll-up as soon as we got on the road.
      We drove 4 hours non-stop and arrived at Portsmouth Magistrates court at 011:20 where I was handed over to the court security personnel with the same procedure I endured on departure.
      The security supervisor asked me if I would like the services of the duty solicitor, to which I replied, ‘Why not?’
      As in Goole I was given something to drink and a short while later I was cuffed and escorted to an interview room where I met the aforesaid lawyer. She already had my file and said we should play it as it transpired. Cuffed again I was taken back to the holding cell.
      At approximately at 13:00 as far as I could estimate I was given another micro-wave meal; Thai red curry with rice which was piquant as a poor Lancashire Hotpot.
      Just after 14:15 I was once again cuffed by a rather jovial magistrate’s prison guard and escorted to the dock, which was a wooden cage with triple-layer bullet proof glass facing the bench with its three ‘worships’ in the courtroom.
      The current hearing was coming to an end as we entered the chamber and the guard removed the cuffs and told me to be seated. The chairman of the court then called my name and the solicitor indicated that I should stand and answer. He then informed me that if I pleaded not guilty the case would be passed to the crown court. I thought briefly, ‘Is it worth the hassle and expense to the taxpayers to show how stupid the law can be.’
      But then, having paid the piper several times, I have frequently called the tune’ so I responded, ‘Guilty, as I had done when first arrested five and a half weeks ago.’ The duty solicitor then told me that I shouldn’t say anything unless asked. She then presented my case.
      The panel went into a huddle for a couple of minutes and the Chair told me that they had considered every aspect of the case and the court would fine me £100, which was commuted because I had already spent over twenty hours in custody. He then said that there was a ‘victim surcharge’ of £15 and did I have the means to pay this? Before I could reply the clerk of the court said that this also could be commuted.
      I’d paid my debt and was once again ‘a free man’. The guard looked at me and grinned,
      ‘Wher’ve yow come from?’ as we made our way back down to the holding cells.
      When I told him he said, ‘Yow’ll be needin a travel warrant, then? He told me to sit in the reception cell, which was furnished with a table and two utility chairs, while he got my belongings and a travel warrant block. He gave me the warrant and told me that the station was five minutes round the corner. I acquired a ticket to York for £150 at the ticket window.
      14:50 and I was on a train to Waterloo.
      17:25: I was on an East coast train to York with amicable fellow travellers and arrived in York, where I had time for a pint and a spliff before catching the last bus home.
      Got home shortly after 21:00 and went to bed at 23:00.
      BTW; I ate the salmon for dinner on Thursday.