Leading Scientists Confirm That Cannabis Is Safe And Non-Addictive

    At a conference at GW Pharmaceutical’s headquarters in Porton Down, Wiltshire, Professor H.P. Hartung, Chair of Neurology at Heinrich-Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany announced that Sativex, the super strong, concentrated cannabis medicine has “…limited relevant adverse effects and – particularly reassuring – the drug does not appear to lead to withdrawal effects if patients suddenly stop using it.” Full details here.

    The Truth About Sativex Is Clear

    Sativex is made from high-THC skunk cannabis blended with a high-CBD variety  and concentrated into a super strength solution that can be used to treat MS , chronic pain and, scientists believe , many more previously unrelieved conditions.

    Super strong, concentrated cannabis is safe.  It’s not addictive.  It doesn’t cause psychosis.  There are virtually no side effects.

    What a breakthrough!

    • http://www.facebook.com/cureuk Cure Ukay

      I knew you could do it in a much shorter way than I, Peter. ;)

    • Heath Robinson.

      A GMO modified cannabis.  GMO’s are dangerous.  You are making a safe plant now dangerous.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jacque.meyers Jacque Meyers

      I am so happy that this is a success and so amy people are going to be helped.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=685771442 Del Morrison

      Its not a GMO, its just two types of plants bred together

    • Cshaws

      Despite GWPs misleading comments on their website the plants have not been genetically modified, they are just selectively bred cloned strains with a consistent CBD/THC content.  

    • Cshaws

      Good news but I fear that governmental intransigence and growing fort knox mentality on the cannabis debate (as evidenced by recent personal correspondence with both brokenshire and henley) will be little affected by this.  They will view it as just another ‘Nutt’ sounding off.  Something needs to hit the national headlines – I doubt this will unless it is used as the spark lighting the blue touch paper.  Everyone who cares should write to their MP now.  It doesn’t take much effort.  Some of us are doing are best but it needs a deluge of letters.  there are about 5000 likes for CLEAR on FB.  Every one of you write a letter today simply asking your MPs views, there are some templates on the CLEAR website I believe. You will receive a response about the costs of legalisation, about the misery caused by illicit drugs, about how cannabis leads to crime and social breakdown.  It’s all standard copy and paste stuff.  When you get it – write back and ask for the evidence underpinning each of their assertions.  But it needs a concerted mass effort. They can ignore the occasional spring tide but a tsunami is a lot harder to ignore.

      Oh – and if you haven’t already done so please sign the e-petition http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/29 now standing at 10,504. If you sign and  get 2 others to sign, they then get two others to sign etc this only has to happen 17 times to easily pass the required 100,000 mark.Disclaimer – this post is not an attempt to trigger any form of social unrest or anti-social behaviour.  It is a merely a request for people to utilise their democratic right and question the opinions of their elected representatives.

    • martyn

      “it says here that drugs are dangerous ,and in many cases cause…” turn the automated dysfunctional drone government off.

    • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

      Please don’t fall for GW propaganda.  There is no genetic modification

    • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

      Please point me to where on the GW site it refers to GM?

    • Cshaws

      Hi Peter

      It’s a comment I picked up on a few weeks ago and commented on your Sativex Scam Partt2 article in response to dirtysquirty (it’s still there – just checked).  It doesn’t mention GM directly but the implication of the words is GM and it is easy for the layman to misinterpret the words .  My comment was quickly corrected by someone (Mechant404) possibly from their Dutch supplier Hortapharm?

      The link is http://www.gwpharm.com/cultivation.aspx  where it says ” In the genetic model used, the cannabinoid content of each chemical phenotype (chemotype) is controlled by four independent loci. By manipulating the genes at these four positions, our scientists can precisely control the cannabinoid composition of a plant.”

      Manipulating the genes – To me that sounded like genetic modification.   But, as I say, it was swiftly corrected by Mechant404.

    • Cshaws

      Peter – I forgot to to click on ‘reply’ but have replied.

    • Sebastian from CannaCentral

      FUCK SATIVEX. Make you own. Take Honey oil and dissolve in three parts Vegetable glycerin or Propylene Glycol, and cut the damn parma company right out of the equation.

    • http://twitter.com/nirvanaman_1985 sam potts

      How much is GW selling sativex to the NHS for?

    • Cshaws

      I think it’s about £125 for 10ml. This will work out at £10 > £15 per day depending on the patient –  £3 > £4k per year. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/ Bjorn Stuverod

      Hey good hartung it was at time one professor tell the truth about cannabis