Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED!

    redactedbedrobThis is the most joyous news that I have dreamed of writing for years.  Legal access to herbal medicinal cannabis in Britain has been achieved!

    Following a procedure on which we have offered advice and guidance, a CLEAR member has returned to the UK from Holland with 90g of Bedrocan medicinal cannabis which was prescribed by his UK GP. He declared the medicine at customs, all 18 tubs containing five grams each were examined, he showed the various documentation which we have obtained and he was authorised to proceed.

    Clarence Clear (not his real name) is a 33 year old from just outside London who has a background working in the licensed trade.  His health problems started when he was beaten up and mugged at age 13 and at age 18 he suffered a severe spinal injury.  Further accidents exacerbated the problem and he now suffers from chronic pain, sciatica, degenerative spinal disease, spondylitis and spinal stenosis.  Most recently he has been diagnosed with adiposis dolorosa, also known as Dercum’s disease which produces painful tumours on the spine which may spread to other parts of the body.

    He has been prescribed the usual cocktail of opioids and other  painkillers including fentanyl, tramadol and baclofen.  He developed analgesia migraines due to the large number of painkillers he was taking and even had to undergo cranial nerve injections in his skull to try and deal with the pain.  He had used cannabis occasionally in the past and discovered that it offered him enormous relief without side effects.

    Bedrobinol Prescription (ID Details Redacted)

    Bedrobinol Prescription (ID Details Redacted)

    Fortunately, Clarence’s doctor was understanding of his cannabis use and quickly came to realise the enormous benefit it was offering him.  Great credit must go to this so far unsung hero who took it on himself to investigate the options available.  He determined that Sativex was not the answer, not least because of its cost and notorious post code lottery prescribing issues. Also, its very nature is to slow down absorption of cannabinoids into the system and so it cannot be as effective as vapourised or smoked cannabis.  In the  end, it was Clarence’s doctor who researched and recommended a Bedrocan product.

    So Clarence obtained a prescription for Bedrobinol (Bedrocan’s 12% THC <1% CBD product) from his GP.  On his behalf , I submitted an application for a personal import licence to the Home Office.

    So, earlier this month, equipped with the prescription and copies of correspondence with the Home Office, Clarence set out, supported by his partner of four years. They flew to Schiphol and after a brief visit to an Amsterdam coffeeshop took the train to the northern city of Groningen where they had already made arrangements with a pharmacy.

    Busted For Mustard!

    The couple have now returned safely to the UK.  Ironically they were stopped at customs in Schiphol before boarding but there was no interest in the medicine, only in a jar of Dutch mustard which they were told they could not travel with and it was seized!

    The flight home was uneventful and so, hearts in their mouths, they chose the red channel and told an officer that they had medicine to declare. I can only imagine the tension of the next few minutes. Apparently a group of young men who been stopped watched in disbelief as a Border Agency officer examined and smelt the cannabis and then waved Clarence and his partner through.  The officer commended them on being open, honest and straightforward, saying that if they had been stopped without making a declaration, things could have been very different.

    I now intend to write to the Home Office, explaining what has happened and asking for confirmation that anyone else with a prescription from their doctor may follow the same process.  It maybe that they will claim this was a mistake but we have taken legal advice and it would be impossible to secure a conviction against Clarence.

    We have made the breakthrough.  I believe we will be able to extend this to others.  We will be seeking to agree a protocol with the Home Office which will clarify the position for patients as well as Border Agency staff and the police and eliminate any uncertainty for everyone. What has made the difference is that the prescription was written by a UK doctor, we were completely upfront with the Home Office in advance and, as we discussed in some depth beforehand, Clarence was scrupulous in being open and honest at all stages.

    So, many congratulations to Clarence and his partner for their courage.  I say again, we have made the breakthrough!

    • Peggy Green

      Amazing news – hopefully the first step in getting us all legal cannabis medication. :D

    • Fraser Muir

      So as an AS sufferer on Alpha TNF medication Enbrel, could I breach this with my GP in Scotland as a part of process?

    • Maharg Smith

      We all owe you and Clarence Clear a debt of gratitude Peter.Your dedication and determination are as usual beyond reproach.Your tireless work has opened the floodgates of reform and everyone who has ever campaigned for anything should stand in awe of what you have achieved.Any solicitor or barrister defending a medical user will have this as a yardstick to beat the Sativex corruption.Well done again.

    • Ellivremo Sdrawkcabemanym Diva

      Is it available now and how would I get a supply please?

    • Awesomebutchangetheheading

      Change the heading its misleading, its great whats happening here and im happy that the person affected is getting their medicine. But the heading infers that what youve actually done is get our morally spineless and incompetent leaders to allow gps in this country to prescribe to nationals that simply is not true whilst what you have said is technically legal medical cannabis in Britain it is a clusterF of a inconvenience and a bit of a white lie what is actually happening here is that a member of this country is being allowed/not prosecuted to transport across borders and use cannabis with the approval of another country they are not a member of that is no way near what your heading infers. Its great but i cant walk down to my gps and list the condition i have that cannabis treats and be approved to get cannabis here. If you dont change the heading then you are as misrepresenting of fact and lacking in editorial judgement as the daily mail. To summarise this is great but its no way near as great as what your presenting it as. If people want to vote me down/ attack this statement because im not completely positive to this news and being critical go ahead. but the heading is 100% misleading end of.

    • Peter Reynolds

      The headline is correct. 100% correct. Precisely correct. Whatever overstated expression is necesssary to tip you off your negative perch!

      GPs have ALWAYS had the right to prescribe cannabis. All doctors have ‘prescribing rights’ which are inalienable. It is a question of providing the right information and looking for your GP to make the judgment. If you can’t persuade him/her, find a different GP.

      The ‘approval’ came from a British GP which is exactly why it worked when carefully and precisely applied.

      Medicinal herbal cannabis can be legally prescribed by a British GP, legally obtained in Holland and legally imported back to the UK.

    • Philip

      Still trip to Amsterdam with a hotel is cheaper than Sativex.

    • Awesomebutchangetheheading

      Its clearly not, ive seen plenty of peoples response to it on social networking sites that clearly shows they think that our government have actually cleared it.
      I have psoriasis, depression, anxiety and am autistic but I cant go down to my gp and get a prescription can I instead I have to deal with the unreliability, criminality and human right breaches indirectly caused by my purchasing, carried out by criminal gangs. Peter I respect you massively and your enthusiasm, commitment and effort within the cause but actually listen and interpret accurately as someone with a advertising and pr background you should know you public face is everything and you have to come across as whiter then white you are alienating and rubbing a lot of people backs up with some of the thing you have said. Whilst its true showbusiness is better than no showbusiness apart from your loyal support your not seen in a positive light. I realise a lot of what is said about you is vindictive and probably false by malicious people but regardless theirs a lot of negative pr that is damaging.
      Regardless its a massive case of grey area/a quagmire.

    • Paul Langley

      Just another nasty not using their own name.

    • Maharg Smith

      Have you tried sour grapes for your infirmities?

    • Gordon Sumner

      What personal agenda have you got? This is great news.

    • john

      fantastic news hopefully in time the war on drugs will come to an end.

    • stickybud

      Three years ago, Jim ‘Pinky’ Starr drove his wheelchair through a deserted red zone at Bristol airport, with 80g of cannabis, prescribed by a Dutch doctor. The Home Office, it seems, backed off in order to avoid confronting the issue.

      I think Pinky has since been refused an import licence by the Home Office, but don’t know his current situation.

      This news is a major breakthrough, and has set a precedent. By going through the proper channels, and with a valid prescription from a British GP, ‘Clarence’ has given the green light to others to do the same.

      Good work, Peter!

    • stickybud

      Nice to have you on board, Sting.

    • Sarah Jane

      This is fantastic news & a positive step in the right direction. As a chronic back pain, depression & anxiety sufferer of 14 years this is brilliant & well done to clarence for achieving it. Hopefully this will set the wheels turning.

    • Chris Adams

      Wow, that is just amazing, well done everyone involved.

    • Elizabeth Robinson

      As a sufferer of Dercums Disease and several other chronic pain disorders I welcome this news, now I just have to my GP on board.
      I take 5 different types of pain medication 4 x daily on top of that anti sickness meds and migraine relief and once weekly I have to take meds for my arthritis. Surely this would a whole better for my body, my family and the cost would surely be dramatically reduced.
      I hope this is cleared by the heads that need be.
      Congratulations and thank you

    • Peter Reynolds

      As I’ve said before, there’s a strange attitude amongst some cannabis users, from both the medicinal and recreational camps. Anything less than 100% capitulation on the part of the authorities is unacceptable. It’s almost like an Arthur Scargill attitude – stand together in solidarity brothers, if you’re not 100% with us then we’re 100% against you!!

      It’s the politics of the school playground. Progress will be made and IS being made in small steps by negotiation, compromise and hard work. The Arthur Scargill approach, marching in the streets demanding ‘our rights’ doesn’t work. It belong to a different era.

    • frankie1951

      Good one…hoping we can get South Africa to come on board soon too…

    • Gypsey Montes

      my doctor nor the doc at integrated medicine hospital in London will pescribe it …London

    • Gypsey Montes

      i do not have a doc that will…if you know anyone in UK that will please let me know..cancer

    • Gypsey Montes

      dont they say that Sativex is missing certain ingredients?

    • Martin Kaneva


    • Peter Reynolds

      You must find a doctor that will. This is nothing to do with the NHS, the practice your doctor works for, his CCG or PCT. It is his right to prescribe you whatever he believes you need. If he won’t, find a different doctor. Any doctor is fully entitled to write a prescription for any Bedrocan product. Doctors have ‘prescribing rights’ which cannot be overridden by any law.

    • cshaws

      The MHRA have told me that Sativex is full plant extract but with some ‘impurities’ removed. They refuse to identify these ‘impurities’ because, they claim, to do so would give GWPharma’s competitors an unfair advantage! Well it looks like these competitors have now been directed towards a massive crack in the fortifications. Well done Clear. But is that a May, Brokenshire, Hitchins posse I see heading up the valley with a bag of Readimix and a Screwfix DIY kit ??? I suspect the war is not quite over but the enemy has been severely outflanked. The beast is very seriously wounded but now, probably, at its most dangerous!

    • cshaws

      Excellent news. Could someone produce/publish an advisory note with all the HO references, licence details etc so people have a standard approach to their GPs or to leave in GP surgeries as info?

    • Paul Davies

      Great news, but I think it should be made clear that baclofen is not a painkiller, as implied in the article. Baclofen is an antispasmodic, and quite toxic. I’d hate to see anyone try to use it as an analgesic.

    • x x
    • x x

      Clause 75 of the agreement regulates travel within the EU with prescribed controlled drugs. However it only permits people who are officially resident in countries where the drug being carried is legal to move between countries while in possession of it. Conditions also apply meaning individuals must have the appropriate permits and a doctor’s prescription from the relevant country. This means British residents cannot travel to the UK in possession of medicinal cannabis even if they managed to acquire a prescription in a country where it is legal.

      The chief executive of Release, Sebastian Saville, said it was a pity the clause did not apply to UK residents. “What is more worrying though is how Home Office advice could have led to people being prosecuted and potentially imprisoned,” he said.

    • x x

      I have seen a latter from the home office that states this practice is illegal, please write to the home office for clarification.

    • Joe Harding

      Is this a herbal product or an extract?? Hasn’t it been proven in the states that it is safer and more productive using the whole plant as the flavinoids and terpenes produce the ‘entourage effect’?? Great news though and take the point about progress…

    • Peter Reynolds

      The process we have used is nothing to do with Schengen.

    • Peter Reynolds

      Bedrocan is herbal cannabis.

    • Peter Reynolds

      It doesn’t matter how many times you post it. This is NOTHING to do with Schengen!

    • x x

      well it would be useful if you told the readers how they go about doing this, after all if what you are trying to achieve is medical cannabis for the uk, tell people how? many thanks