News Release – Corby By-Election – Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

    Contact: Peter Reynolds
    Tel: 07880872022


     Cannabis Legalised In Colorado And Washington State

    Last night, American voters took a huge step forward and legalised cannabis for adults in Colorado and Washington State.

    Massachusetts also passed medical marijuana legislation and decriminalisation measures were passed in Detroit and Grand Rapids.  Legalisation was defeated in Oregon and medical marijuana rejected in Arkansas and Montana.

    Betty Aldworth, spokesperson for Colorado’s Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol campaign said:

    “We went up against 70 years of lies to keep marijuana illegal for evil reasons – and we took them down!”

    Peter Reynolds said:

    “Today is an historic day. The dam has burst. The people have spoken. 

    No longer does the great immoral evil of prohibition dominate our world. Freedom is on the rise.


    Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) to promote the cause of cannabis law reform, with the aim of replacing the anarchic mess of prohibition with a framework of real legal control which would allow proper control of the trade, ensure proper regulation of the product in terms of strength and purity and provide proper protection for vulnerable people such as children.



    If you would like more information on this topic or an other aspect of the work of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), or to arrange an interview with Peter Reynolds please contact him on 07880 872022
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    • Mike Lyon

      Lets hope the UK follows suit Peter.

    • georgeclear

      I was still awake when the Colorado news broke but the others are great news too. I didn’t realise it wasn’t just an opinion vote though.. but if unblocked by the higher powers it is actually to be law.. FANTASTIC!!.. Now, can Obama find the cojones to say what he thinks and not what he’s told to think – make it national!

    • Nadge

      All we need to do now is hope that the federal law doesn’t overturn the decision. But as its a decision that has been made by the people, I believe it could be hard for them to do so.

      I hope this is a sign of things to come and that the dam truly has burst. Hopefully one day we will be look back in amazement that cannabis was once illegal. Just as we do now for alcohol.

    • CannabisCures

      As I understand it, the feds will now increase a clampdown on the states that have allowed cannabis use. If this happens, it is stronger evidence that another agenda is behind the war on drugs.

      But the changes are good news for the freedom of the people in those states.

    • Ådne Aschehoug Aadnesen

      This is great news and an omen of things to come in a not so far away future…

    • Sour Alien

      Free at last

    • Paul Oakley

      I think other states will follow when they see what little bother it causes, then hopefully other countries.

    • Sour Alien

      Hopefully other states follow, hopefully Canada follows, then the UK.

    • ChristopherSawtell

      Hopefully they will work out some quality assurance rules so that the users do not get their brains blown asunder by nasty contaminants such as molds, to say nothing of other criminal additives.

      It will be interesting watching the consequences, if any, of this experiment. I foresee a fall in the rates of cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, highway crashes, and injuries caused by drunken brawling.

    • Paul Oakley

      I think they already have some quality control for dispensaries in the states, some sort of stamp of approval to say its past tests. These dispensaries have been there quite a long time for medicinal use only.

    • Paul Oakley

      Canada has been on the cards for a long time, part of Oakland has been dubbed oaksterdam and Richard Lee has places other there that are officially part of Amsterdams world famous bulldog franchise.

    • Sour Alien

      Yes i have heard of dispensaries using quality control methods, checking for mould, foreign objects, spider mite webs and so on. Some even lab test i believe? For an accurate reading of THC/CBD content. All this before its sold or even put on display. Which to me is professional. Back to the UK, it wasnt so long ago cannabis contaminated with glass particles, sand, and other weight gainers such as liquid sprays were a normal thing to avoid. Also iv heard in East London, where dealers dont just sell cannabis, Iv heard of them pouring about £50 worth of heroine into a large bag of cannabis, shaking it, before it gets sold to the foot solider. Another example of the dangers of prohibition.

    • Sour Alien

      I foresee those things too, a safer and healthier society as a result of legal regulation. A system which has gifted control back to the people, not the politicians, not the police and not the drug dealers. I seriously hope this sets an example for the UK. Unfortunately our leaders dont care about State Law, only Federal. Still, the more the public realise what a smart move legalisation is, economically, socially and health wise, the less our corrupt cowardly politicians can get away with justifying prohibition so easily.

    • Paul Oakley

      Yeah thats correct mate thc and cbd content is shown on the labels in u.s dispensarys. Back to the UK, most bud available here used to be very similar to that available in the Netherlands and average price was between 100 to 130 quid an ounce, when cannabis was reclassified back to a class b drug dealers decided they wanted to see a bigger return for the extra risk, although they were happy to operate under a class b system before at these prices, they’d now experienced a softer approach from and a more liberal attitude towards cannabis from the country as a whole, so then came that same dutch style bud with added sand glass and whatever else people felt like putting on it, smokers in UK soon started to avoid all this and warnings if contaminated cannabis were featured in the media. Then bits of UK grown weed started to pop up at 150 an ounce worth extra thew quid to avoid contaminated stuff, this was the birth of the massive commercial cultivation scene which supplys the you’d blackmarket today! The price soon crept up to 200 an ounce which is roughly todays goin rate. Now there’s hydroponic outlets on near enough every business park in ebay roaming the country to say its become big business would be a massive understatement.

    • Sour Alien

      Makes a lot of sense, more risk = more money, more money = more competition, more rivalry = more violence. More prohibitionist idiots trying to link the violence with cannabis use, not prohibition it self. More people brainwashed by the media.

      Iv seen cannabis contaminated with glass particles, sand, liquids and other weight gainers. Iv only heard of it being contaminated with heroine but its more than just anecdotes when unlucky cannabis users end up with a heroine addiction. £200 an ounce is considered cheap round here, the prices for good well known, well grown strains can be as high as £280 some even £300 depending on how much the supplier wants to take the piss. Either way, its a direct result of prohibition, being ignored. It is only a matter of time, but how long before its legally regulated? I hope sooner rather than later, since it seems the walls of prohibition are crumbling quicker by the day.

    • Paul Oakley

      If the goverment had of stuck to class c for cannabis it would no longer be in the hands of dealers, Dutch style coffeeshops were appearing around the country causing very little bother to the areas they were based, the government would have had to create a special licence and tax system for them as done in the Netherlands then these places could have operated under a strict list of rules in order to keep their licence. Cannabis could of been completely separated from hard drugs in the uk a very long time ago!. But no the government went back to class b cannabis and these places were eventually raided by police and closed down some of the owners of these once tolerated venues recieved jail sentences. Even dow a fully legal and regulated market is the perfect all round solution, I think the best we can aim for in the UK at the moment is cannabis decrim like mos other European countries. Ps sour Allen where you from mate so I can avoid with prices like that! Lol!

    • Sour Alien

      London, lol dont get me wrong, round here you can get an 8th (3.5g) for £25 – £30 of decent quality. But for the stuff that can be compared to Amsterdam coffeeshop cannabis thats v expensive. Not talking about strength, but these people obviously know how to grow it, and more importantly cure it, so the flavours and smells are top notch. Although, it seems there are only two strains that float about, (haze and cheese) but obviously many different phenotypes, sometimes a sour diesel or lemon kush comes around. But its mostly Sativa haze and cheese variants. And if im honest im more of an indica guy.

    • Orsan

      Sometimes people have said I’m “anti-American”, well, sometimes I am, but only anti-dumb-american.

      This is probably the most logic I’ve ever heard come out of the USA, so, for those Americans who voted, or are going to vote for legalisation – Thank you, you have inadvertently put the UK government under more pressure to review the law here, so long as we here in the UK now start making some loud noise and apply more pressure.

    • MeeMan

      The campaigns in these States put up massive posters on billboards in support of a legal regulation of “recreational” Cannabis rather than being forced to drink toxic alcohol or smoke toxic tobacco. They were obviously very successful.
      Why doesn’t CLEAR or NORML, or other, do the same here, in favour of people voting for a change in this ridiculous and unlawful legality? At the very least, they could advertise some real Cannabis info websites so people could actually get the truth for themselves, rather than rely on the paper’s propaganda they’re issued from the bought and paid for corporate lackies in Gov’t.