News Release – Corby By-Election – Cut Violent Crime. Cut Alcohol Abuse. Cannabis Is Safer and Healthier.

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    Cut Violent Crime. Cut Alcohol Abuse. Cannabis Is Safer and Healthier

    Alcohol related crime in Corby & East Northants is estimated to cost £13 – £22 million each year. (Source: Home Office 2010)

    Around 1650 crimes of violence in the constituency each year are believed to be alcohol related. (Source: British Crime Survey 2009/10)

    A recent survey conducted by Alcohol Concern and Police Review indicated that 70% of police officers viewed alcohol as causing them greater problems than drugs.

    Professor David Nutt, giving evidence to the Home Affairs select committee this year, said that legal availability of cannabis could cut alcohol consumption by up to 25%.

    Legal regulation of cannabis would massively reduce violent crime but it would also save millions in local NHS costs.  Across Britain, more than a million hospital admissions each year are related to alcohol while cannabis accounts for just 750.  Another useful comparison is that there are 3000 admissions each year for peanut allergy (Source: Hospital Episode Statistics, DOH 2011).

    Alcohol is a poison which is six times more likely to cause mental health problems than cannabis. (Source: HES, Atha et al 2011, NHS) By contrast, cannabis supplements the endocannabinoids that occur naturally within our body and are responsible for maintaining good health.  It is now proven to be an effective medicine for a wide range of conditions including MS, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, cancer, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

    Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, said:

    “Alcohol is a tremendous burden on our society.  If cannabis were legally regulated and available to adults in Corby then violent crime would fall, NHS costs would be reduced and our police officers could start going after real wrongdoing instead of trying to fight a crime that exists only because of a misguided government policy”

    Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) to promote the cause of cannabis law reform, with the aim of replacing the anarchic mess of prohibition with a framework of real legal control which would allow proper control of the trade, ensure proper regulation of the product in terms of strength and purity and provide proper protection for vulnerable people such as children.



    If you would like more information on this topic or an other aspect of the work of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR), or to arrange an interview with Peter Reynolds please contact him on 07880 872022

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    • ChristopherSawtell

      Two other points are that if it’s grown legally: It is then possible to have it grown by resposible staff in clean greenhouses, thus avoiding contamination by mites, horrendously dangerous molds, bulking agents, and ‘enhancing’ chemicals; harvesting would also happen at the correct moment to allow sufficient time for the full development of the complete gamut of cannabinoids and terpines, in particular the anti-psychotic CBD component.

    • Paul Oakley

      How many people have done something wild n crazy when drunk? I also think alcohol is the biggest gateway drug going lots of people try things when drunk that they’d never dream of doing otherwise, I work in night clubs and see this first hand. I wouldn’t waste my time, money or put myself at risk by having a night out here in the UK! Can’t beat a peaceful stroll round Amsterdam till the early hours with my fiancé.

    • Sour Alien

      In my opinion, alcohol psychosis is much more prevalent, we see it before our eyes on the weekend. Every time someone becomes violent while drunk, that’s alcohol psychosis. Every time a drinker says or does something he/she wouldnt normally, while under the influence, thats alcohol psychosis. Of course, in reality it cant be classed as psychosis, but what i see from alcohol users can be psychotic, iv never seen anyone act psychotic while using cannabis.
      So they try and link schizophrenia and psychosis to cannabis use in order to justify its legality, when Dr Grinspoon, who has studied cannabis and said mental illness for over 40 years completely disagrees with this nonsense.