20 Jan Revenge Of The Daily Mail

Heads Up!

Looks like the Mail on Sunday are about to do a hatchet job on me. I just had a reporter, David Rose, on the phone asking me all sorts of questions about my past, about the articles I have written and the controversy surrounding my leadership of CLEAR. Surprise , surprise he also wanted to know why I have made so many PCC complaints against his newspaper!

He wanted to know details of my criminal convictions and my three months on remand in Brixton on a false assault charge. He poured scorn on my claims (which are entirely true) to have worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, the MOD and to have written a regular column in The Independent.

He quizzed me on articles I have written some years ago about the police, about Israel and about Pakistan. “Do you really mean that?”, in mock horror was his angle. I said I wanted to talk about the cannabis issue. He said he wasn’t interested in that. He even said he’s spoken to Peter Hitchens about me.

The clear intention is to paint me as not fit to be the leader of a political party – which immediately gives great credence to our cause!

So I expect it to be uncomfortable for a while but any publicity is good publicity and this will massively raise our profile. I believe this will backfire dramatically on those who have worked to discredit me. I am who I am. Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR, determined to end the prohibition of cannabis!

N.B. Some interesting information on “David Rose” here. However I believe that “my” David Rose is the real thing!

Revenge Of The Daily Mail Part Two is here.

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