The ProHos Are Losing And They’re Fighting Like Alley Cats

    Prohibition is immoral.

    It causes far more harm than it prevents.  It is based on prejudice and discrimination.  Science, medicine and all the evidence shows that regulation is the only rational policy.

    We have won the argument.  There are now two more steps we must take before change can happen.  Firstly we must defeat the prohibitionists, the ProHos, and their vested interests.  Secondly we must find our cowardly, hypocritical politicians a way to save face in reversing the disastrous policy they have pursued for so long.

    Judge Goldsack, the brute of Sheffield

    Martin Barriuso

    The ProHos are fighting a  desperate rearguard action.  The DEA crackdown on medical marijuana, the frenzied scaremongering of the right wing Australian press, the panic stricken lies and blatant falsification of scientific evidence by the Daily Mail.  The vicious and disproportionate campaign by the Sheffield police and judiciary. In Spain this week, Martin Barriuso, president of the Federation of Cannabis Associations was arrested and held without bail just as he was about to travel to London to present the cannabis social clubs concept in the House of Lords.


    Don’t doubt that the DEA is behind all this.  It is an autonomous, extrajudicial army that answers to no one, certainly not the US president.  It is in cahoots with GW Pharmaceuticals  which last week released clinical trials data showing that its super-strong, super-concentrated skunk cannabis medicine Sativex is safe and non-addictive.  The medical marijuana industry in the US is taking off.  Israel and all of Europe except Britain and France are recognising the immense value of medicinal cannabis.  The Portugal experiment has now run for more than 10 years and is a resounding success.  The DEA is panicking.  An awful lot of drug war soldiers are going to be redundant soon.  Some very fat cats are about to spill their last saucer of cream.

    Michelle Leonhart, DEA

    Melanie Phillips, Tabloid ProHo

    The vile Melanie Phillips reveals her own panic in an absurd diatribe in today’s Daily Mail.  A deluge of statistics clogs her article, even relegating her usual hatred and prejudice to second place.  Does she really think that the average delusional Daily Mail reader is going to read them, or that anyone else will believe her cooking of the books?

    We are winning.   These are the death throes of the most destructive and evil policy that the world has ever seen.  Expect more violent reaction.  Expect more cowardice from Cameron, whoever is Home Secretary and from the mendacious Daily Mail and its stooges.  Expect more misinformation and deceit from Home Office civil servants.  Expect more propaganda and misconduct from police officers and judges  that see their multi-billion pound gravy train coming to an end.  Expect more bribes and under the counter funding from Big Booze and Big Pharma.  Expect more numpty politicians like Charles Walker, Alan Johnson and Nadine Dorries to do everything they can to scare and mislead the public.

    Expect all of this and more.  But know that all of this is because we are winning!

    • Cshaws

      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  Ghandi
      A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.JFKIf you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you’ll add eight to 24 years to your life.
      Jack Herer

    • Rob Young

      Excellent read. We are winning for sure but i like the fact you keep everyone grounded for the long fight ahead because that is what it will be, a long hard fight but right is on our side!

    • Anonymous

      When the majority of people realise and more importantly, vocalise, that the cost of prohibiting Cannabis is worse than Cannabis itself could ever be, the politicians will act. I don’t expect them to say ‘sorry, we were wrong’… but proclaim they have always acted in the best interest of society and that legalisation was just part of their ‘master plan’ all along…

    • Paul Smith

      Judging by the amount of news coverage Cannabis has had in the last few months – i would say that we are on the way to some sort of legalization –

      reply i got from the HO regading Bedrocon

      The Government recognises that there are people with chronic pain and

      debilitating illnesses who are looking to alleviate their symptoms and who
      may not find adequate relief from existing medication. For them, the UK
      does recognise the medicinal value of cannabis-based medicine ‘Sativex’,
      which based on an assessment of its safety and efficacy by the UK regulatory

      authorities, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, has
      recently been granted a Marketing Authorisation. You are therefore advised
      to clarify with your UK based GP to ascertain whether you qualify for this

      We have no intention of altering our position on cannabis in its raw form.
      Cannabis is a drug that has a number of acute and chronic health effects
      and prolonged use can induce dependence. Most cannabis is smoked and
      smoking, in any form, is dangerous. Even the occasional use of the drug
      can pose significant dangers for people with mental health problems, such
      as schizophrenia, and particular efforts need to be made to encourage
      abstinence in such individuals.

      Yours sincerely,

      Mr Lee Smith
      Drugs Licensing and Compliance Unit


      They have no intention of altering there position

      Follow the money!

    • Anonymous

      I left a comment a few hours ago on Melanie Phillips blog page.I made no bones about the fact that I didn’t appreciate her misinformation and propaganda.It never got posted.I wonder if it was because I likened reading her article to ‘being trepanned by an angry rhino on crack with piles’!

      On another subject, is Dr Robert Leferver a hypocrite?In his latest Daily Fail article ‘Ban everything!-for your own good’, he writes about cigarettes being banned in cars:’Yet still I support the right of people to smoke cigarettes, or do other stupid and dangerous things, provided that they pay for the consequences – to themselves and to others – that come from their choice of personal behaviour.’

      Make up your mind Doc, are you pro or anti?!

    • M. Ant

      I wonder if old ballsack enjoyed reading the CLEAR tax & regulate plan & other info sheets i printed off for him.

    • Cshaws

      Probably wiped his backside with them – same as the stuff I sent.  Nice bloke old TwinkleScrote.

    • Peter Reynolds

      Strangely enough I am just about to post a story about “Dr” Lefever. I shall make sure I tag this on at the end.  Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Pleasure mate.Also you may be interested to know that Kathy gyngell was on LBC radio on Monday on the Nick Ferrari show regarding the ex Colombian president’s call to regulate drugs.She came out with the old Cannabis is extremely toxic nonsense and surprise, surprise it ended up being a one sided debate with very little science involved.I emailed LBC my disgust and what do you know it never made it to air.I emailed them once again regarding getting a hold of a transcript of the show and once again I got no reply back.Don’t know if this would interest you or if you might get further than I did.Needless to say she had me screaming at the radio with the lies she was spouting!

    • Dan Ford

      ‘being trepanned by an angry rhino on crack with piles’! Oh I just hurt myself laughing so much :-)

      I just commented “Melanie Pillips?  We need it like a hole in the head” POrobably won’t go up, but the foul woman in question might read it, so worth doing ;-)