12 Aug The Sativex Scam part 1

The Truth That Must Be Told

This is the first part of a series of articles that will investigate the Sativex Scam, a huge confidence trick perpetrated by GW Pharmaceuticals.

It is about corruption, fraud, malfeasance, oppression and cruelty.

It is the story of how GW Pharma has brought Sativex to market on the basis of a massive deception, an extraordinary tale of dishonesty that reaches to the very highest levels.

It includes a unique, monopoly licence to grow tonnes of high potency cannabis, bought by donations to the Labour party.

It includes an organised deception to distinguish Sativex from cannabis when, in fact, it is pharmacologically identical.

It includes a campaign of misinformation to pretend that Sativex does not have the psychotropic effects of cannabis.

It involves corruption at the highest level in the Home Office and the MHRA.

It involves eminent doctors from Britain and the USA, bought and paid for, directly contradicting their previous written evidence and decades of clinical practice.

It involves manipulation of the US patent office to enable the commercial exploitation of naturally occurring substances.

It involves the publication of deliberately false and misleading information to doctors, investors, medicine and financial regulators.

It is based on a secret agreement with USA and UK drug enforcement agencies to dissemble and misinform about Sativex and cannabis in which senior politicians are complicit.

It involves the denial of cheap, effective and safe medicine to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from dreadful illnesses and disabilities.