UK Doctors Given the Green Light To Prescribe Bedrocan Medicinal Cannabis

    Andrew Turner MP

    On 13th November 2012, Andrew Turner, Tory MP for the Isle of Wight, received a written answer to a question he had submitted to the Secretary of State for Health.

     “To ask the Secretary of State for Health whether Bedrocan and Bediol forms of cannabis are available(a) under prescription and (b) on the NHS?”

    Bedrocan and Bediol are two of the four varieties of medicinal cannabis available from the Dutch governments official producer.  See here for details.


    Norman Lamb MP, Health Minister

    Norman Lamb, LibDem MP for North Norfolk and minster of state at the Department of Health, replied saying:

    “Neither Bedrocan nor Bediol are licensed as medicines for use in the United Kingdom.

    Clinicians can prescribe any product, including any unlicensed product, subject to their primary care organisation agreeing funding, if they feel it is clinically appropriate for an individual patient after discussing the potential risks and taking into account the patient’s medical history. In these circumstances, the clinician is expected to retain clinical responsibility for the patient while prescribing the medicine.”

    CLEAR is now in correspondence with both the Department of Health and the Home Office seeking clarification.

    Source: Hansard

    • A Quiet Man

      great news now we need to find doctors that do not support the prohibition propaganda and will supply this product. a list by region would be nice

    • Sour Alien

      This is brilliant news and another step towards the demise of this totalitarian regime

    • Mark Baker

      This feels like a set-up… MPs would NEVER discuss anything with regard to cannabis so candidly unless there’s a reason for it. Are they laying groundwork for introducing medicinal cannabis via the HASC Inquiry? We can live in hope – I can’t imagine they’ll jump from prohibition directly to legalised… I reckon we’re heading for the same route at the US; medicinal for a couple of years, then recreational use legalised.

    • Peter Reynolds

      Regrettably, I think this is probably just a mistake. Doctors are not permitted to prescribe schedule 1 drugs. Nevertheless, Norman Lamb has some serious questions to answer and I’m intrigued by Andrew Turner’s motivation for his question.

    • Brainbow

      Could this be what I have been waiting for? I have been laid in bed since November 2007 in agony with IBS, My gastro doctor agrees with me that canabiss works after reading about treatment in canada. So fingers crossed, StayLucky Jim

    • Peter Reynolds

      It is for people like you that I work.

    • Brainbow

      Bless Ya Pete! Keep up the good work!

    • ChristopherSawtell

      ‘Scuse my ignorance, but what is IBS?
      If it is what I think it is, then you might find the results from a Google search on “Shona Banda” interesting.

    • Shell Spectrum

      from what i read

      technically according to this link once the GP as agreed to funding docs can prescribe
      it but “we” must get to Holland and bring it back
      ,should it not be down to the PCT/clinical trials to have it brought in the country,

    • Saint

      Isn’t diamorphine (heroin) prescribed?

    • Peter Reynolds

      Diamorphine is in schedule 2

    • Brainbow

      IBS = irritable bowel syndrome.
      Shona Banda looks intresting, thanks for that info Chris.
      Anything got to be better than what I am taking now.

    • Ladybird

      Hi, I’m a 28 yr old woman with an illness called gastroparesis, basically my stomach doesn’t empty properly. I’m in hospital every 6-8 wks with the most awful pain and sickness, I’m sick every 15 minutes for 12-24 hrs and get severely dehydrated so I need to be on a drip. Anti emetics don’t work when I’m having an attack and the Drs have me on morphine, tramadol etc… all of which slow you’re stomach down further. Even when I’m not having an attack I’m still in pain and have sickness and nausea daily, I take 3 strong painkillers, 3 anti emetics, domperidone, diazepam, antacids, lanzoprazole and sleeping tablets EVERY DAY, I feel like a zombie. I’ve always liked a spliff and a friend of the family (who happens to be an elderly church minister and ex JP!) suggested it might help me with my appetite (I’d lost 2 1/2 stone in the last year alone). So I recently started to medicate myself with cannabis, I’ve already stopped taking the sleeping pills and diazepam because cannabis works better at stopping spasms and helping me sleep and my weight has stabilized. I’ve been able to reduce the ammount of pain meds and anti emetics I take every day and the nausea has eased so much it’s incredible. I will NOT stop taking cannabis whatever the law says, I have a life now, I can function. I had two choices before – pain or being on painkillers that made my condition worse and left me unable to do anything. Now I’ve got a third choice that eases most of my symptoms and has far less side affects, surely that can only be a good thing.

    • Jahanzeb Mir

      So according to the government, cannabis is a gateway drug to safer drugs? Otherwise why would diamorphine be schedule 2 and cannabis schedule 1.

    • eemudtree

      Can one not already obtain Sativex cannabis spray for ailments that are not MS
      /cancer related Under similar conditions ie ‘the clinician is expected to retain clinical responsibility for the patient while prescribing the medicine’

    • Peter Reynolds

      In theory yes but the cost of Sativex is so high (10 x Bedrocan) that it is prohibitive

    • RSL

      This has now proven to be false, follow up here: and here

    • Peter Reynolds

      No. That was two years ago. I was involved at the time. This is an entirely new development.

    • RSL

      You are correct! My bad. Hopefully the new development helps people get their medicine.

    • Dicky

      Interestingly enough, Andrew is my local MP. I’ve only just become aware of this. The reason i comment is because I was discussing with my GP the benefits of using cannabis as apposed to taking copious amounts of Dihydracodeine and other medications. She considered distancing herself from the topic, but quickly changed her stance and asked me to keep her informed of the effects and benefits of the plant. However, I haven’t seen her for a couple of months.

    • Peter Reynolds

      Dicky, please could you get in touch?

    • stuart edge

      I have a doctor who is on my side with this issue. I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been for twenty five years, prescription drugs harmed my stomach and I now have very low tolerance with very little effect. Four years ago I became severly deppressed with anxiety attacks and a phobia of crowds/public places. Cannabis relieves all my ills and no horrible side effects or nasty addictions. Please could I have a bit more info. Thankyou we are ready to go.

    • Peter Reynolds
    • Whenthestigmaclears

      do u think using cannabis to avoid the dangers and ailments caused from tobacco is a sufficient reason? Weed is like my methadone for cigarettes ya see