Cannabis Film And Video Library

    A collection of the most important films and television programmes about cannabis and prohibition

    CLEAR video library

    This is provided as a service to the cause and the contribution and efforts of the film makers and participants are recognised and appreciated. The collection is organised into three sections: The Prohibition story, how we got into this mess; Factual and not so factual: Programms which claim to be factual documentaries about cannabis and Medicinal, programmes about cannabis as a medicine

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    1: The Prohibition Story

    How did we get here and what’s happening now?

    The historical perspective and the fight for law reform – How accurately does the media portray cannabis and the prohibition debate? Judge for yourselves.
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    2: Factual And Not So Factual

    The media often presents supposedly factual programmes about cannabis and prohibition, but are they entirely factual? Or are they skewed by government policy? You decide.
    readmoreFactual And Not So Factual



    3: Medicinal Cannabis

    Cannabis as a medicine. Preventing someone from getting relief from an illness would normally be considered a form of torture, but that’s what’s happening because of prohibition.
    readmoreMedicinal Cannabis

    CLEAR Youtube Channel

    For more interesting videos on cannabis issues surrounding the plant, see the CLEAR Youtube channel

    CLEAR youtube channel

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