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Taxing the UK Cannabis Market

The most authoritative, independent, expert research on the UK cannabis market by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, commissioned by CLEAR in 2011.

Medicinal Cannabis: The Evidence

The most up-to-date, analysis of the evidence on the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine. Focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Published April 2015.

How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain

This is the second version of a plan for the regulation of the cannabis supply chain in Britain. This version was published on 18th October 2013

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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform8 ago
"Personally, I have a terrific relationship with cannabis. It helps me to manage my polycystic ovarian syndrome and lifelong gastrointestinal issues. It has helped me sleep through recurring night terrors, and to manage the symptoms of PTSD. It generally makes me a more pleasant person to be around."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform27 ago
"Earlier this year, the University of Sheffield’s Student Union (SU) began providing harm reduction information to students who may use drugs. On the university’s SU website, it is emphasised that this is to protect the safety of students. Although neither Sheffield University nor the SU condones the use of drugs on campus, their approach acknowledges how students may use drugs during their time at university."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform27 ago
"According to Brightfield Group, a company that specialises in cannabis and CBD market research, CBD is the "next hot, functional beauty ingredient", that may have a similar impact on the beauty industry as shea butter and aloe. Furthermore, due to the increased interest in cannabis for medicinal, recreational and cosmetic use, the CBD industry is expected to reach an estimated value of $22bn (£16bn) by 2022."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform34 ago
"The law on the use of medicinal cannabis changed this month and Hannah Deacon hoped it would make products like cannabis oil more accessible. Guidance, issued by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and The British Paediatric Neurology Association said cannabis oil is not recommended because there was "no quality evidence" of it being used safely and effectively."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform44 ago
Hardyal Dhindsa, who is the lead on substance abuse for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners had previously met three people involved in cannabis clubs to discuss how they worked. "They are offering support, it is regulated, they have got a membership. They are not allowing people to make profit out of this and allowing for personal use, which many people do in this country irrespective of what the law is."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform45 ago
"London-based Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd has announced that it has secured a licence to create CBD oil, and will begin the production and distribution of medical cannabis early in 2019. The firm produces the drug at huge open-air farms in Bulgaria."


27 ago
More UK Universities Should Follow Sheffield’s Harm Reduction Approach. This is realistic advice that acknowledges how students may use #drugs #cannabis #drugspolicy https://t.co/XsxtDnOGgu https://t.co/559avibFlq CLEARUK photo
27 ago
#Cannabis being used in makeup products is on the rise. Worldwide #CBD market expected to reach an $22bn (£16bn) by 2022. #drugspolicy #EndOurPain https://t.co/q7gCaANq3x https://t.co/IiQXJCqGPv CLEARUK photo
34 ago
Alfie Dingley: Mum's fresh medicinal #cannabis campaign. Guidance from @NHSEngland @RCPLondon @BPNA_org must be overturned as it is based on ignorance and prejudice #drugspolicy #EndOurPain https://t.co/e7qlW0Cjc1 https://t.co/Sus4e0DlEd CLEARUK photo
44 ago
Police #drugs lead, Hardyal Dhindsa, 'impressed' by #cannabis clubs "As with tobacco, education and regulation is a much better way of making a difference." #drugspolicy https://t.co/xNWcx8SClA https://t.co/HqrFZkMdkl CLEARUK photo