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Taxing the UK Cannabis Market

The most authoritative, independent, expert research on the UK cannabis market by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, commissioned by CLEAR in 2011.

Medicinal Cannabis: The Evidence

The most up-to-date, analysis of the evidence on the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine. Focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Published April 2015.

How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain

This is the second version of a plan for the regulation of the cannabis supply chain in Britain. This version was published on 18th October 2013

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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform21 ago
"In looking at medical use cannabis, there is the inevitable question of whether its recreational use should be legalised. The arguments are simple: legalise it and you control its safety; you squeeze out drug dealers and their menacing behaviour; we can collect taxes on it (that’ll help pay for the NHS’s recent funding boost!). All of these arguments, and more, are sound and with huge merit. Yet despite the obvious benefits of legalising cannabis, I can’t help feeling uncomfortable about it."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform24 ago
"There’s no doubt about it. CBD has potential to help you with tobacco/nicotine addiction and with the withdrawal period. Cannabidiol as a possible active treatment for nicotine and heroin addiction seems to be on the track of ushering in a bright future for the ones who are still fighting the battle with addiction."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform29 ago
"Lord Falconer is the most senior political figure to call for all drugs to be legalised. In an extraordinary U-turn, he said he regretted his role in the jailing of drugs offenders as Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary between 2003 and 2007. "I know my suggestions will provoke strong protests, but many scientists, doctors, politicians and police officers are coming round to this view. It is better to sell mild and medically safe versions of drugs that give a high than ones sold by gangsters that kill thousands."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform1 hour ago
"A team of 38 investigators have begun a national crackdown on county lines drugs gangs, which send children to provincial towns to sell heroin and crack cocaine. Ringleaders operate mobile phone hotlines to market the drugs to local users, with the young drugs mules conducting the sales. Investigators say a typical line will turn over £2,000 to £3,000 worth of drugs per day."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform2 hours ago
"At this stage there is hope that CBD especially, and perhaps some synthetic cannabinoids, could be effective for treating some anxiety and mood disorders. However, currently the quality of the evidence is too low to provide clear evidence of any benefit. Currently no recommendations for clinical practice can be made. Good quality trials are required before cannabis or cannabinoids can be considered as an option for treatment."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform2 hours ago
"Modern cannabis greenhouses offer much of the cost-efficiency of outdoor operations while still incorporating a large part of the environment control capabilities found in indoor growing facilities. This is especially the case when greenhouse grows are paired with cutting-edge cultivation infrastructure and the expertise of experienced growers."


21 ago
Mark Garnier MP: "Our law in the UK is so outdated, and despite the UK being a pioneer in the development of medical #cannabis, it is still illegal here." #EndOurPain https://t.co/UjNshWHuUM https://t.co/MKN8JYt6aV CLEARUK photo
29 ago
Former Justice Secretary Lord Falconer calls for UK to legalise #drugs - including cocaine and heroin - to undermine gangsters who are killing thousands every year #cannabis #drugspolicy https://t.co/rBR4hoBIOo https://t.co/FmXcQiJPle CLEARUK photo
1 hour ago
A team of 38 investigators have begun a national crackdown on county lines #drugs gangs #drugspolicy https://t.co/nBBImBQcGI https://t.co/axZxBSS5uE CLEARUK photo
2 hours ago
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