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Taxing the UK Cannabis Market

The most authoritative, independent, expert research on the UK cannabis market by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, commissioned by CLEAR in 2011.

Medicinal Cannabis: The Evidence

The most up-to-date, analysis of the evidence on the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine. Focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Published April 2015.

How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain

This is the second version of a plan for the regulation of the cannabis supply chain in Britain. This version was published on 18th October 2013

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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform55 ago
"In the midst of a potency-obsessed market where high THC marks mean everything, there is a growing community of cannabis advocates that are pushing for less consumption as opposed to more. This tactic is called “microdosing,”"
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform2 hours ago
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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform3 hours ago
An insight into the minds of Conservative cabinet minsters.
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform3 hours ago
"Back in the UK, Alfie’s family lobbied the Home Office to grant a licence to administer cannabis oil at home. And the Home Office refused to grant it. So his mother Hannah Deacon made an emotional plea to the government on BBC Breakfast on Monday 19 February:"
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform7 hours ago
"Specifically, cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, has been found to protect from reperfusion injury or ischemia. Their findings suggest that CBD may be used in hospital emergency rooms to prevent the brain damage that may follow after a patient suffers a stroke or heart attack."


3 hours ago
An insight into the minds of Conservative cabinet minsters - “The Settled View Of Ministers Is That The Medicinal Campaign Is Just An Excuse To Take #Cannabis#breakthetaboo #EndOurPain #AlfiesHope https://t.co/UPE96cUZKV https://t.co/ANLTYzCf2d CLEARUK photo