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Taxing the UK Cannabis Market

The most authoritative, independent, expert research on the UK cannabis market by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit, commissioned by CLEAR in 2011.

Medicinal Cannabis: The Evidence

The most up-to-date, analysis of the evidence on the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine. Focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Published April 2015.

How To Regulate Cannabis In Britain

This is the second version of a plan for the regulation of the cannabis supply chain in Britain. This version was published on 18th October 2013

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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

CLEAR does not advocate, condone, or encourage breaking the law. It exists to promote a change in the law by legitimate means. All information on this website should be viewed in this context.
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform3 hours ago
"The connection between cannabis and yoga stretches back centuries. Hindu scriptures hold that Shiva, the third god in the Hindu triumvirate, ingested a cannabis-infused drink called bhang to focus inward and harness his divine powers. Shiva is also known as the originator of yoga."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform4 hours ago
"Unlike Western fascination with cannabis “buds” or flowers, the Chinese documented using all parts of the plant: seeds, stalks and roots. It is hypothesized that, because China so valued its traditional hemp production, the plant continued to be bred and selected based on its fiber and seed food quality rather than resin production in its flowers. The first well documented use of cannabis was for pain relief 1127-1270 AD. The flower of the plant, was combined with datura flower. The mixture was known as “sagacious sleep powder” and caused a heavy, dazed sleep."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform4 hours ago
Eos Scientific has launched its Ambience range in Holland & Barrett stores. It includes body wash, body oil, foot cream, facial moisturiser, muscle balm, lip balm, all enriched with CBD extract.
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform5 hours ago
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CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform6 hours ago
”I am calling out to my nation; let’s start the process to cultivate industrial hemp. We will see that industrial hemp has many different benefits in many different areas,” Erdoğan said. Professor Selim Aytaç of the Field Crops Department at Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University’s Faculty of Agriculture, said Erdoğan’s statement was a turning point. Aytaç has been working on hemp for years and believes the president’s statement will help eliminate the bad perception of the plant."
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform
CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform6 hours ago
"Germany may have set the stage for EU movement on medical cannabis legalisation two years ago, but now the rest of the European Union is coming on board. As of January 14, EU officials began a formal study of the health benefits of medical cannabis. The intent is to set a continental policy on the use and legalisation of the drug for medical purposes. While the net worth of the European medical cannabis market is still unclear, it is very evident that Europe will be the world’s largest medical cannabis market."


3 hours ago
Buying CBD? Beware of scams, fake product and poor quality. Always choose a supplier certified by Cannabis Professionals. #CBD #cannabis #EndOurPain Look for the CannaPro badge or see all certified businessess here: https://t.co/M9zdlwjO2q https://t.co/cADzTznWFx CLEARUK photo
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Join the CLEAR campaign for regulated access to #cannabis for adults. Legal regulation will protect children and tackle the violence, street dealing and poor quality product caused by this £6 billion criminal market. #drugspolicy https://t.co/HTAei41IPa https://t.co/yFrCtPI6hd CLEARUK photo
4 hours ago
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