26 May 100 X Safer than Alcohol? Cannabis Is 1000s X Safer!

Today the NHS released new statistics on the enormous damage that Britain’s favourite drug causes.

Admissions to hospital for alcohol abuse reached 1,057,000 in 2009-10. See the BBC story: “Alcohol-related hospital admissions reach record level

Similar figures for hospital admissions in 2009 are:

Peanuts – 3000

Cannabis – 750

Now there are “lies, damned lies and statistics” so take them as a pinch of salt. Is this really news? When I researched the same figures three months ago, Alcohol Concern, a respected source, said there were 1.1 million admissions for alcohol. You can only take these figures as indicative. Look at them in very broad terms, allow for error, be sceptical.

This was my analysis of mortality, hospital admissions, toxicity and propensity to psychosis. Now I am not a scientist, nor a doctor of public health, nor a statistician – but I don’t think I need to be to understand the truth.