05 Nov 100,000 Well Paid UK Jobs Through Compassionate Medicinal Cannabis Legislation

A presentation prepared by the US-based Alekson/Grazing Bull companies has been delivered to UK prime minister David Cameron and business secretary Vince Cable. It is intended to open a meaningful dialogue with the UK government for the formulation of compassionate medicinal cannabis legislation and the development of a nationwide, stringently governed, transparently regulated and monitored medicinal cannabis industry. Detailed proposals and financial projections show that more than 100,000 new, well paid jobs could be created as a result.

The task at hand is not an easy one. As well as the challenge in developing an infrastructure for the new medicinal cannabis industry, law makers need to consider the needs of those suffering from debilitating medical conditions and the current risk of prosecution each person faces each time they seek relief from their chronic medical conditions. Adoption of medicinal cannabis legislation is the right action and now is the right time.

The presentation sets forth a workable, well organised programme for both legislation and development of the industry. The initiatives proposed will generate significant outside investment providing the capital needed to develop a nationwide infrastructure. Given the labour intensive nature of the industry and that patients will come from across the UK and from all walks of life, jobs created will be spread right across the country. More than 100,000 new jobs will improve the economies of countless communities and spark entrepreneurial enthusiasm which will, in turn, create additional new jobs.

The ripple effect of these new jobs will have an enormously positive effect on the economy of the whole of the UK in a relatively short time. The job multiplier effect could create as many as two to two-and-a-half times more indirect support jobs needed to manufacture and/or procure the materials and sophisticated equipment necessary to operate this new industry and to monitor its governance. Sophisticated products and well educated and industry trained personnel (both blue and white collar) are required.

What has been proposed in the presentation will require hard work, long hours of dedicated effort and the collaborative cooperation of all; everyone pulling together to bring about a new 21st century perspective that relegates the thinking of the past to the history books and gives birth to a whole new industry with an abundance of new economic opportunities.

The Medicine Wheel Project LLC

The Alekson Group

Download the full 158 page presentation here