21 Dec 2011 and all that

OK, it’s nearly all over and time perhaps to look back over what was a truly eventful and – in a masochistic sort of way – a fun year. Well, if not “fun” it’s certainly been interesting and something of an eye-opener.

Rather than repeat my story here, the events of 2011 are laid out in all their glory over on UKCIA – a four part review of 2011 from my viewpoint.

UKCIA review of 2011 – The End of Another Perfect Year

Perhaps the biggest and best development of 2011 has been the launching of CLEAR and I am more than happy to be associated with it. Indeed I longed for a campaign like this which could challenge the likes of Mary Brett and the National Drugs Prevention Alliance with facts. We’ve made a good start of doing that, indeed we’ve achieved a hell of a lot in the past 6 or so months (yes, it is only about 6 months), but we’ve got a long way to go.

It’s only fair to mention Peter Reynolds because without him none of what has been achieved so far would have been possible, but it hasn’t just been Peter and a big “thank you” must go to all the others that help out behind the scenes to make CLEAR what is it.

Just a couple of snippets to remind us all of why we are doing this:

Marjory Wallace on skunk

MP Nadine Dorries on Any Questions June 2011

And with that I wish you a Merry Christmas, a peaceful new year and stand firm in the down-turn


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