01 Jan 2012 Wish List

A very Happy New Year to all!

2012 is going to be very important for us and this is an opportunity for CLEAR members and supporters to have their say right at the start of the year.

Please post a comment here with any ideas about policy, strategy, tactics, campaigns, administration, anything in fact that concerns you. The executive committee will review all such comments at the next meeting.

I want to start by reminding everyone what CLEAR stands for. We are a political party with a very clearly defined set of aims and objectives. We also have a constitution which sets out the way the party is run. We are not a social club for cannabis users. Neither are we some sort of counterculture or “alternative” group. Our focus is only on our published aims and objectives. We welcome supporters from all points on the political compass. We have members who follow the Freeman or Occupy movements. We also have members who are supporters of UKIP or the Freedom Association. All are welcome to work with CLEAR on ending the prohibition of cannabis. Not all members or supporters are cannabis users. We want concerned parents and everyone who sees the common sense in our polices to join in our campaign.

So let me start the ball rolling with two points.

1. In light of recent events the executive committee is already working on an equal opportunities policy statement which we aim to publish in the next few days. This will make explicit our opposition to all forms of prejudice or discrimination on grounds of gender, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, religious belief or marital status.

2. We will also be preparing a comments policy which will apply to all online and print-based media as well as to meetings and events. This will prohibit foul or obscene language and abuse of any sort. The right to free speech and discussion will be preserved but we will not tolerate bickering or trolling which is damaging to the party. Anyone who has a complaint or wishes to raise a contentious issue should contact a moderator or an executive committee member by email.

So please, have your say!

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