19 Sep A CLEAR Message To the People Of Corby

Peter Reynolds

I made my first visit to Corby last Sunday. The main purpose was to attend a meeting with Politics UK and a number of the other candidates. I recorded a video interview with Richard Frazer which should be online shortly.

I took the opportunity to drive around the constituency which, apart from Corby itself, includes some delightful countryside and many small, rural villages. I look forward to getting to know the area much better over the next few weeks.

The BBC contacted me today to ask for a brief outline of my proposition to the Corby electorate. I think that is worth reproducing here.

CLEAR aims to provide a focus for the protest vote in Corby. One thing voters can be certain of is that if they vote for the main parties absolutely nothing will change.

The cannabis issue is an excellent example of how the main parties refuse to listen to public opinion, refuse to base policy on evidence and instead bend to pressure from the tabloid press and vested interests such as the alcohol industry.

A regulated cannabis market would get the dealers off the streets, better protect children, enable access to safe and effective medicine, create tens of thousands of new jobs and boost the UK economy by up to £9.3 billion per annum.