04 Jul A Determined And Organised Effort Must Be Made To Remove Theresa May From Office

may nasty

I have never understood where this woman came from. She has no obvious talents. She is hardly an appealing politician and she has no record of achievement in anything except toeing the party line.

Her decision yesterday to ban khat against the advice of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs must be the final straw. It is idiotic, appears to have no support from anyone except a small group of Somali campaigners and, beyond a shadow of a doubt, will cause far more harm than it prevents. Most worryingly it has immediately criminalised 90,000 British residents, created a criminal market, gifted it to organised crime and now promises violence, human trafficking, a new source of funding for Al Qaeda and untold consequential harms.

Of course, home secretaries never have it easy. They are bound to be in the firing line and they are bound to suffer unpopularity but Ms May no longer deserves any sympathy or leeway. She has shown herself time after time to be unfit for the enormously important public office she holds. She is engaged in persistently causing harm to the people she is supposed to serve. Her performance in every aspect of home affairs has been a disaster: policing, immigration, border controls, alcohol policy, drugs policy and the scandal of falsified crime statistics – they are all a shambles and all of her making.

Her policy on medicinal cannabis is deeply cruel, flies in the face of all the evidence and condemns millions in Britain to pain, suffering and disability with the everyday threat of having their door broken down by the police. This policy makes no sense at all unless she is acting at the behest of the alcohol industry and GW Pharmaceuticals. Big Booze must stop medicinal cannabis because once the plant’s safety is widely demonstrated, there will be no stopping recreational use and the market for poisonous alcohol will massively contract. Similarly, GW’s monopoly of medicinal cannabis is unlawful and when the deceit and corruption around its licensing is revealed, surely there will be criminal charges for some, perhaps even ministers.

There can be no forgiveness for someone responsible for such corrupt and evil practice. She must go.

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