19 Mar A Quick Note To Norman Baker

Norman Baker MP

Norman Baker MP

Today the Home Office issued a ‘news story’.

“UK negotiates closer global collaboration on drugs.

Ministers encourage countries to adopt a modern, balanced and evidence-based approach to tackling the use and supply of illegal drugs.”

Read the full story here.

It really is a story, a fairy tale in fact or a wildly imaginative fantasy. It perfectly compares with the sort of propaganda coming out of Putin’s Russia. ‘No they’re not Russian troops, they’re Crimean patriots resisting a fascist coup’

Britain is disgraced. We have sunk too low. We had such high hopes of Norman Baker. Is he just the same as all the rest? Is this the moment when he joins the long line of weak drugs ministers who turn away from evidence and embrace the prejudice, dishonesty and madness of prohibition?

What does Nick Clegg have to say about this?

Have Theresa May and James Brokenshire taken Norman into the Home Office stationery cupboard and given him a dead leg?

I’m Facebook friends with Norman so I had to drop him a quick line:

“This is shameful Norman. I would have hoped that you would be above such blatant spin and manipulation. The idea that UK drugs policy is “modern, balanced and evidence-based” is laughable. We are stuck in 1930s ‘ban everything’ mentality. UK drugs policy CAUSES far more harm than it prevents.”