26 Mar A Statement Concerning Joel Dalais

Joel Dalais Joel Dalais

Joel Dalais, formerly Director of Membership of CLEAR, is no longer a member of the CLEAR executive committee. His resignation is accepted with great regret. He is a victim of the most underhand and vicious behaviour by those who oppose CLEAR.

For more than a year, CLEAR has been subject to attack from a small but vociferous group also involved in the cannabis campaign. This has taken the form of systematic abuse, harassment and defamation, in particular of Peter Reynolds, but also various members of the executive and some of our members. People on the board of the UK chapter of NORML (NUK) are prominent in this campaign as is evidenced by their frequent publication of derogatory comments.

Currently three members of the NUK board are the subject of High Court claims for defamation. There is also an ongoing investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission into alleged offences by NUK board members including theft, blackmail, fraud, criminal harassment, malicious communications, computer hacking, interception of communications and more.

This situation is not of CLEAR’s making. It is not something any of us wanted and we seek reconciliation and compromise. No one at CLEAR has ever engaged in the sort of personal attacks and abuse which are the habitual pattern of some NUK board members and can regularly be seen published in their name.

This week, in the latest incident, perpetrated through anonymous ‘tormail’ accounts, Joel Dalais was befriended by a ‘Sarah’ who he foolishly trusted and in so doing played a dangerous game with someone he thought was a wealthy,’underground’ activist who wanted to donate to the CLEAR campaign. The end result was a scam in which he was offered a gift of cocaine. This extremely naïve e-mail exchange was then published and distorted in an attempt to smear the whole of the CLEAR executive.

This happened on Saturday night, 23rd March 2013, and Joel was suspended from the executive committee on Sunday while an investigation took place. Understandably, he was devastated by the embarrassment he had caused the party. He is a medicinal user of cannabis due to an incurable, degenerative bone disease and is prone to depression. Unfortunately, in a disturbed and angry state of mind and very much against our advice, yesterday evening he published a foolish and ill-judged document which has led to a grossly hypocritical retort from the board of NUK, published on its Facebook page which seeks falsely to claim innocence of any involvement at all.

Joel was an extremely talented, enthusiastic and committed member of the CLEAR team who has made a serious mistake. We greatly regret that he can no longer remain a member of the executive because of the publication of his document. The truth is that he was hounded and persecuted by those concerned until he lost control of his actions. This is a tragedy which should weigh heavily on the consciences of those responsible.

CLEAR does not associate the estimable and reputable US organisation NORML with the conduct of those concerned in the management of its UK chapter who have consistently supported the campaign of disruption against CLEAR.

We remain focused on our objective of ending the prohibition of cannabis. Our record speaks for itself. No conflict has ever been initiated from here.

No further statement or comment will be made in relation to this matter until the conclusion of the civil proceedings against those who are involved in this sustained and continuing abuse.