21 Aug Administrivia

Just a short bit of website administrivia

As you may have noticed we have a facility on the front page which allows you to sign up for an e-mail notification wherever updates are added to the site. The good news is, I hope, this is working at last. Fingers crossed. Any queries or comments, please mail newsletter

We also have a new page of MPs worth contacting who are sympathetic to cannabis law reform. You can see the list here, please encourage them to support law reform and to question the present drugs policy. Be nice! These are MPs who are potentially on our side.

Keep your eyes open for our new Tokepure leaflet which will be available for you to download and print in the near future. We want to make this campaign big, nothing like it has ever been done before.

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on the CLEAR facebook page (here) and join in our Comment Warrior campaign – more details here

CLEAR Editor

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