08 Jan An Apology From Peter Reynolds

I have already made this apology on many forums, Facebook pages and individual messages.

I am extremely sorry if any of the articles on my personal website or any comments I have made at any time have offended anyone. The articles in question were written at least two years ago and were intended to be provocative and controversial. Had I known that one day I would be elected a leader of a political party I would have chosen my words much more carefully.

I am neither homophobic nor racist. I have fought against prejudice and for individual liberty all my life. Out of nearly 500 articles on my personal website, people with ulterior motives have taken two or three sentences and built an hysterical hate campaign around them and thrown in a few blatant lies and forgeries for good measure. Although the CLEAR executive committee has urged me to keep my personal website up, I have decided it has become too much of a distraction so I have taken it offline.

CLEAR is taking the cannabis issue into the mainstream. We have to stop criminalising millions of people, stop gifting billions to organised crime that could be building hospitals and roads and stop preventing sick and disabled people having access to the medicine that they need.

Once again, I am very sorry for any offence caused to anyone.

The truth about cannabis is CLEAR!

Please, may I have an hour off to walk my dogs now?

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