30 Aug An Invitation To Join The CLEAR Medicinal Cannabis Users Panel

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A panel of medicinal cannabis users is central to the CLEAR campaign strategy. It is members of the current panel that have been instrumental in achieving the progress we have made.

Each panel member is interviewed by telephone so that there is a clear understanding of how they want to participate. We are careful to maintain confidentiality. Your name, location and contact details will only be used with your agreement.

We aim to work with panel members to obtain optimum support from their doctors, both GPs and specialists. Armed with this we then try to engage the panel member’s MP, arrange a meeting, ask for referrals to ministers and attempt to build support with other MPs, charities, health support organisations, etc, etc. We will support you at all stages, even attending meetings with you providing the other participants agree.

It is this strategy that has achieved the recent breakthrough with Norman Baker’s call for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. We plan to ramp it up now, recruit more members and we’re appointing a new executive committee member to manage and co-ordinate their efforts.

This is the way we will achieve cannabis law reform. Not everyone will want to be as deeply involved as those panel members who have visited parliament and the Home Office. You may be prepared to speak to the media. We receive a steady stream of enquiries. You may just want guidance on how to approach your doctor and/or MP.

If you live in the UK and are interested in joining the panel, please email a brief explanation of your interest to: [email protected]

Please do not go into great detail at this stage. Applications should be no more than 200 words. We will respond to you with a questionnaire within seven to 10 days.