10 Jul An Open Letter To Louise Mensch About Last Week’s Question Time


Dear Ms Mensch,

Millions of British people will have felt totally let down by your display of hypocrisy and blind party allegiance about the drugs issue on Question Time last week.

You had a great deal of “street cred”. I think you were admired and respected for an independent mind, a strong and successful individual, a role model for British women. You have damaged that immensely by what was a transparently dishonest and misleading performance.

Louise, we all know that Cameron, Osborne and the uber rich posh boys are as out of touch just as much as they have been smashed, stoned and higher than kites. The Bullingdon Club’s penchant for drug fuelled excitement is no secret and if it ever got embarrassing then that was easily solved by peeling a few fifties off one’s wad.

We thought that people like you might be a bit more connected with the rest of us but it’s quite clear that you’ve sold out your integrity in the interests of toeing the party line. The thing is it just makes you, and the Tory party more than ever, look silly, dishonest and that phrase that just won’t go away – you are so completely, absolutely, utterly and disgracefully out of touch!

Don’t do as I do, says Louise, do as I say!

That hundreds of thousands of your fellow countrymen who have done the same thing as you have had their lives ruined by the great, immoral evil of prohibition is of no concern to you?

You got away with it so it’s just tough on those who didn’t?

You’re allowed a past but hundreds of thousands of others aren’t?

You are irrepairably damaged by your mistake. Never again will you command the respect you did. You’re just another scheming politician who made a bad misjudgement in the hope of gaining some undeserved credit.

Did you see The Sun YouGov poll?

Do you realise what a bad error of judgement you’ve made?

Grow a pair Louise and tell the truth. Stand up for what the evidence conculsively proves – drug use is part of life, alcohol is the drug that causes vastly more harm than any other, what we need is a rational, evidence-based system of regulation and control for all drugs. We need to recognise that nearly all use of cannabis is non-problematic and so is most use of ecstasy, cocaine and psychedelics.

Break the mould. Be an honest politician! Take some responsibility for the drugs issue instead of the terrible abdication of your duty that is prohibition.

Kind regards,

Peter Reynolds