16 Apr An Open Letter To Matthew Wright About Medicinal Cannabis


Dear Matthew,

Congratulations on your segment on medicinal cannabis this morning. It was one of the most informative items on the subject ever aired on UK television. Even the hostile Lowri Turner was silenced from spewing her usual Daily Mail bigotry and had to nod in agreement with the story from Jenny about how cannabis helped her husband deal with cancer.

I’m amazed that you’re amazed though at Jenny’s story! As leader of CLEAR, I represent around 80,000 people who are signed up to supporting and promoting the truth about medicinal cannabis. There are thousands of stories like Jenny’s, people who have transformed their lives and wellbeing but risked their freedom because of a scientifically irrational and deeply cruel law. Generally, the UK media, influenced by the alcohol industry’s £800 million pa advertising spend, prefers scare stories about cannabis rather than the truth.

I have emailed and called your show many, many times hoping to give similar testimony. This morning I emailed and and telephoned on three lines simultaneously. I did get through and your operator seemed very interested but I wasn’t called back. That’s no problem though. Jenny’s story did a far better job of getting the truth across.

What you did miss though is that there is real progress. After years of patient work with our members, their doctors and MPs, in February we secured the agreement of the Home Affairs Select Committee to hold an inquiry into medicinal cannabis. You also fell for the propaganda about Sativex. It contains all the ingredients of the plants from which it is made and ‘euphoric mood’ is a ‘common side effect’ as detailed in the statutory product information.

You know your stuff. Moonshine weed is the product of prohibition. People can easily get cannabis now but in an unsafe, uncertain and dangerous environment. The potential for new tax revenue in a regulated market is perhaps as much as £9 billion pa.

So I’m asking you again to look more deeply at this story. It is a scandal which exposes corruption, deception and terrible cruelty in successive governments. I can provide you with all the facts and evidence you need and we have a panel of medicinal users of all ages and locations with various conditions, ready to testify if given the opportunity.

I hope to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Peter Reynolds.