26 May Appeal Court Exposes The Brute That Is Judge Goldsack

Back at the beginning of March, Judge Alan Goldsack QC, jailed a handful of people for growing cannabis in brazen defiance of the new sentencing guidelines.

Earlier this month the Appeal Court overturned his sentences. Lord Justice Hughes said:

“No judge is entitled to say that they accept that cannabis is being cultivated purely for personal use but then sentence on the basis that there was likely to be a supply to someone else”

As if we didn’t already know it, Goldsack is revealed as a brutal, vicious individual with no regard for the law, determined to wield his judicial power outside the boundaries of due process. He has broken the law in exactly the same way as those he sentenced for growing cannabis. The difference is that his action is malicious, intended to cause harm and is an abuse of power, a breach of trust.

He has broken the oath he swore when he was invested as a judge:

“I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”

There is a rumour that Goldsack’s daughter or another family member became a heroin addict and that is what motivates his prejudice and brutality. I have no idea whether that is true but what is certain is that Goldsack’s conduct is irrational, unlawful and based on a false narrative about cannabis. He is unfit to preside in any case concerning cannabis, if he is fit to continue on the bench at all.

It is only recently that I have come to understand how “elevated” in our society judges are. They are, in fact, absolute masters of their court and can do virtually what they want, using court officers as their personal enforcers, armed if necessary.

Under some ancient provision I could be jailed immediately just for these words of criticism. That will not stop me, nor should it stop anyone speaking out against the tyranny, oppression and contempt for justice that Goldsack demonstrates.

I have consulted with a lawyer in order fully to understand the meaning of this Appeal Court decision. He, in turn, consulted with a senior criminal QC. The decsion of the Appeal Court is nothing less than an humiliation for Goldsack.

Any criticism of a judge by those more senior than him is a rare and usually heavily disguised event. Goldsack is a very senior judge. Although the term “recorder” is used to describe the lowest rung of crown court judges, when it is applied as the “recorder of Sheffield”, or any other specific court, it places the judge at the very top in his court, above even a more senior visiting judge.

So the overturning of his sentences and the explicit criticism of him is a low point in Goldsack’s career. The sentences he handed out were reduced in most cases by a huge proportion. He is a pariah. A stupid, bigoted, brutal old fool. Anyone who comes before him on a cannabis charge has a strong case to have him removed.

It would be better or everyone, for justice and for Britain if Goldsack was to stand down. He has no further role to play in our judicial system.

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