05 Jul Baron Booze ‘N’ Fags Is ‘Not Persuaded’ By Arguments For Drug Decriminalsation

Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC, 40% ABV, 2mg Tar Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC, 40% ABV, 2 mg Tar

Ken Clarke smokingAside from his personal consumption of tobacco and alcohol, Ken Clarke has numerous non-executive directorships, consultancies, advisory posts and gentleman’s agreements which mean that he must remain implacably opposed to drug law reform whatever the evidence.

See the BBC report here.

Mr Clarke is the face of vested interests in politics writ larger than a 96 sheet poster for Benson & Hedges – and of course such advertising is now banned. He is a walking, talking billboard for Big Booze and Big Baccy. Never, no never, will he permit death and destruction to be wreaked on our communities in any other way. We must keep the NHS busy and the prisons full. We need to keep our police officers fully occupied breaking down doors and our judges must send cannabis growers to jail so that paedophiles can walk free.