17 Dec BBC Complaint. Newsnight, 16th December 2013


Complaint title:

Celebrities always chosen as drug reform advocates

Complaint description:

Yet again, to oppose Peter Hitchens, an experienced, well informed anti drug law reform speaker, the BBC chooses a lightweight celebrity.

Although you had Baroness Meacher there, she is accustomed to polite society and the House of Lords, not a bruiser and slugger like Hitchens.

After your shameful and sycophantic coverage given to Russell Brand and the multiple opportunities you gave him to speak on drugs policy, you choose another lightweight ‘celeb’ to go up against Hitchens. This reveals your true intentions – to support the status quo and the government’s disastrous drugs policy.

Is it only bizarre comedians and washed up soap stars you will consider?

There are many articulate and well informed drug policy reform advocates who could tear Hitchens’ arguments apart but no, every time you choose some ex-addict ‘celeb’.

The BBC is institutionally biased against drug law reform and NEVER allows for a proper, balanced debate on the subject.