19 Jun BBC – “Drugs policy in England ‘doomed to failure'”

The story is here and has been vigorously promoted all day long by the BBC, far in excess of the attention it gave to the Global Commission report.

It is a deception.

This “study” is thinly disguised government propaganda. It perfectly supports the thrust of the Home Office’s disastrous 2010 drug strategy. It is a prohibitionist’s wet dream. Kathy Gyngell, the woman behind it has no serious credentials at all. She is from the Melanie Philips and Peter Hitchens mould. The “Centre for Policy Studies” is a sham. It has no independence or authority. This is a puritanical, moralistic, authoritarian idea of “thou shalt not” – the dumbest idea of all. It aims for abstinence rather than harm reduction but the thing most absent from it is any intelligence at all. It is a stupid idea.

I’m going to let our cowardly, two-faced politicians off the hook a little though. I think this policy comes from a bigoted, stubborn establishment in the bowels of the Home Office. It is uncanny how the ignorant and immoral policy of prohibition persists and transcends party politics. There is a deeply entrenched and malign civil service influence here which encourages polticians’ cowardice and needs to be rooted out and replaced with some 21st century thinking.