20 Jun BBC Investigation Exposes Irresponsible Government Policy On Cannabis

For release 6am 20th June 2011

A BBC team has conducted an investigation into THC/CBD levels in cannabis bought on the streets of South East England. The results indicate that CBD levels are almost non-existent making the cannabis more harmful for young people. THC produces psychotropic effects, whereas CBD is totally the opposite and has anti-psychotic properties.

Peter Reynolds, Leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) said,

“I must congratulate the BBC for undertaking this work. It is a measure of its deeply irresponsible policy on cannabis that the British government has failed to do any work on this important subject

It is a direct parallel to alcohol prohibition in the US and to “hooch”, extremely high strength liquor, which once the idiotic policy of prohibition was lifted disappeared and people went back to drinking beer and wine.

It’s the same thing with cannabis. Millions of people use it. The government wastes billions on trying to prevent it which drives prices up, criminal gangs get involved, “hooch” becomes the profitable route. Cannabis is actually hundreds of time less harmful than alcohol but there is no control over it all. Children can get it easily because the only ID a dealer asks for is a £20 note.

The other problem we have is misguided politicians like Nadine Dorries and Charles Walker who spout completely false information so that all government messages on drugs are regarded as nonsense

It is mindboggling what an idiotic policy this is. For the sake of our children we need to bring the cannabis supply chain under control in a properly regulated system and start telling the truth about the relative harms of drugs.”