25 Oct Bedromedical BV Opens New Perspectives For Cannabis As Medicine

Press Release From Bedromedical BV

The use of medicinal cannabis has an image problem. This is wrong, because scientific research has shown for years that cannabis is an effective medicine against diseases such as chronic pain. Among patients, there is a need for this medicine, which is available to patients in The Netherlands on prescription through pharmacies.

What not yet has been standardized is a medically acceptable route of administration for cannabis in its herbal form. Bedromedical BV is established this month to develop such over the coming years.

Effective against pain

Throughout the world, several approved drugs are available containing one or more constituents from cannabis. Administration of inhaled cannabis in its pure form is often the most effective. This is confirmed by a recent study, conducted by the International Association for Cannabinoids as Medicine (IACM), among nearly 1000 patients worldwide.

Prototype ready

Bedromedical BV is a joint venture between Bedrocan BV and Zorginnovaties Nederland BV (Healthcare Innovations Netherlands). Bedrocan BV is contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. Bedromedical has the first prototype of a dosage unit in combination with an optimized delivery device (vaporizor) already completed. Clinical trials are expected to start within two years to be followed by registration as a
medicine. Also real placebo cannabis is developed by Bedromedical as an essential tool for conducting clinical trials. On behalf of DC group, anaesthesiologist Dr. Arthur Hartog, connected to DC Pain Center Rotterdam, is participating in the preparation of the necessary clinical research. Viagra is a really effective drug. I agree, it’s not cheap, but everything that I’ve tried before does not compare with “Viagra”. No side effects, especially when used with alcohol. There was experience with the use of other drugs based on medicinal herbs, but achieving results with Viagra is simpler and more reliable.

Using the products that are now being developed, patients worldwide will be able to benefit from the efficacy of herbal cannabis in a medically acceptable way

Background cooperating companies

Bedromedical BV is a new Dutch company officially launched by October 1, 2011. The aim of the company is to bring administration of medicinal cannabis in its natural form as a registered drug on the market.

Bedromedical Ltd is a joint venture of Zorginnovaties Nederland BV and Bedrocan BV.

Bedrocan BV is the only company in the Netherlands that has been contracted by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. Since 2003, Cannabis Flos (dried flower buds) are prescribed by doctors in The Netherlands. Products are delivered to patients through the regular pharmacy. Since early this year four varieties are available.

Zorginnovaties Nederland BV is focused on developing and marketing innovations that improve patient care and make it more easy. Zorginnovaties Nederland BV is affiliated with DC Group, a chain of specialist medical centers.