15 Dec Bigotry, Cruelty, Repression And Evidence-Free Drugs Policy From Theresa May

Mrs May, Home Secretary

“I take a very firm view about the legalisation of drugs. I know there are others who have a different opinion to mine. I don’t think the legalisation of the sort of drugs that people are talking about is right at all. I’m very clear that the legalisation of drugs is wrong. I think drugs cause considerable damage. I think some drugs that people say should just be legalised because they don’t cause much damage are actually gateway drugs to more dangerous drugs.”

Home Affairs Select Committee, 14th December 2014
Source (Starts 17:58)

So, no consideration of evidence, promotion of discredited ‘gateway theory’, utter disregard and cruel contempt for those in need of medicinal cannabis. Theresa May and UK drugs policy to a ‘t’.

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