10 Jul Blind Prejudice From A Man Who Does Not Deserve His Place In Parliament

At the HASC drugs inquiry, Michael Ellis, MP for Northampton North, demonstrated astonishing prejudice and refusal to listen to evidence.

His behaviour towards witnesses is rude and aggressive. He quite clearly has no interest in listening to anyone who does not subscribe to his preconceived view. Anyone he disagrees with he calls “irresponsible”. He was just as rude to Professor Nutt three weeks ago.

Mr Ellis is exactly the sort of MP that we need far fewer of. He is a prime example of the sort of conceit and arrogance that has brought parliament into disrepute. His background as a criminal barrister well qualifies him for permanent detachment from reality. He and people like him are directly responsible for the maintenance of an evil and immoral policy that causes enormous harm, death and degradation to millions of people worldwide.

He is, in fact, a waste of time for anyone seeking a more humane and effective drugs policy. There is only one solution for Mr Ellis and that is to get rid of him. Fortunately that should not be difficult. His majority, at 4.8%, less than 2000 votes, was the result of a swing from Labour to Tory in the last election. He has little chance of being re-elected and I pledge now that he will be one of CLEAR’s principal targets in the next general election. We do not aim to win seats in parliament because we are a single issue party but we do aim to disrupt and defeat the electoral ambitions of prohibitionists like Mr Ellis. We will expose his hypocrisy, dishonesty and prejudice at the next election. We will support those who oppose him and we will ensure that the people of Northampton and Britain are rescued from his brand of politics.

Watch today’s oral evidence session here. Mr Ellis’ depressing and destructive contribution starts at 11:26:20.

On a positive note, great work was done at today’s session by Danny Kushlick, Niamh Eastwood and Tom Lloyd. Thank you to them.