14 Aug Brave Norman Baker

Norman Baker MP

Norman Baker MP

It’s not often you can say this about an MP, let alone a minister, certainly not a drugs minister, anywhere in any governmental system, anywhere in the world.

Norman Baker is a courageous and principled man.

Perhaps the most extraordinary demonstration is that he, a Minister of State for the Home Office, today called for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis -then a ‘government spokesman’ contradicted him. Who is in charge here, the apparatchiks or our elected representatives?

This is the measure of his courage and I thank him for it. Yet, in any rational system what he has asked for is self evident. Policy should follow evidence and prejudice should be put aside.

This is not the time to do the detailed argument, for the debate is already won. No Home Office minister has ever challenged the status quo like this. This is the time to salute the most courageous drugs minister that Britain has ever seen.