19 Mar Britain Has Three Times As Many Regular Cannabis Users As Catholic Churchgoers. Where Is The BBC Balance?

Pope Francis Pope Francis

According to the 2005 Church census, there are just 887,000 regular Catholic churchgoers in Britain. According to the 2011 IDMU study Britain has 3,000,000 regular users of cannabis. That’s a ratio of more than 1:3. However, yet again we have wall to wall sycophantic coverage on the BBC of a man who is largely irrelevant to British life. In fact we don’t even have the option. Normal news coverage is abandoned so that we can see this old man who worships another old man who lives in the sky enjoying a beautiful sunny morning in Rome.

Miracle Miracle

Why isn’t the BBC giving us three times as much coverage about cannabis as it is giving us about Catholicism?

Even if you look on a worldwide basis, there are said to be 1.2 billion Catholics and 200 million cannabis users. That’s a ratio of 6:1 but does cannabis even get one-sixth of the coverage that the Pope does?

The answer to this conundrum used to be that Mark Thompson, the BBC director general was a rabid Catholic but he’s gone now. So what excuse or explanation does the BBC offer?

You can make a complaint here and ask why.