03 Dec Cameron And Merkel, Untruths And Deception. How Their Lies About Cannabis Reveal The Truth About Them

In February on YouTube, David Cameron said cannabis is:

1.“incredibly damaging”

2. “very, very toxic”

3. “and leads to, in many cases, huge mental health problems”

And then, with regard to medicinal cannabis, he said:

4. “That is a matter for the science and medical authorities to determine and they are free to make independent determinations about that.”

This week on YouTube, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor was asked two questions:

Q. What is your opinion regarding the demand to substitute the existing black market for cannabis by a regulated market restricted to adults and with a quality control (including THC content), and use the tax money earned for increased preventative measures?

A. I do not agree with that. I think, we have made exceptions in very specific cases. However, we should not legalise cannabis in general. Of course the question is: Is overall prohibition a reason of the black market?; one could say that. On the other hand, legalizing it would lower the threshold for use even more, and we do consider the side-effects of cannabis so dangerous that this should not be done. After all, there are two million cannabis users and that is already way too many, I think. Thus I tend to, or it is in my opinion, not to legalise it in general.

Q. Now, there are two million users or buyers of cannabis. However, there are many times more number of people consuming alcohol and tobacco, of course. The latter is taxed and thus integrated into our normal society. Why is there this difference? Is there a historical precedent, or can this be justified — by whatever means — by applying plausible facts?

A. We think of cannabis as a drug, in accordance with international opinions. This means that even consuming small amounts can lead to very severe dependence. With alcohol or cigarettes however, sensibly limited consumption does not bear the risk of immediate addictiveness as this is
the case with cannabis according to our opinion. With alcohol there surely is an element of a tradition. However, enjoyed in moderation, as supplement to a meal for example, alcohol is not something that causes immediate dependence. Still, there is a great need for prevention and information in this matter.

Did they both go on the same DEA misinformation course? Do they think we’re stupid?

They both speak untruths. What they say about cannabis is factually incorrect. The statements about damage, toxicity, mental health problems, danger and dependence are all absolute nonsense. They are false and easily disproved. Cameron’s words about the availability of medicinal cannabis are a cynical deception. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

What this shows is that both Cameron and Merkel hold the people of Britain and Germany in the deepest contempt. They both lie with impunity and with reckless disregard for their duty. They each commit an act of treachery to their country by their dishonesty and deception. Clearly this is a joint enterprise. They conspire with the United States government to deceive and misinform their electorates. They are charlatans and fraudsters.

What we should really be worried about is how far this extends. They care not one jot for the truth about cannabis, for criminalising millions of citizens, wasting billions in taxpayers funds, nor for denying millions more safe and effective relief from pain, suffering and disability.

What about the economy, defence, health care, social services, Iran, China, Africa, climate change, any other policy you care to think about?

What lies, deceit and misinformation are we subject to on a daily basis? Why do we trust these dishonest, self-serving tyrants at all?

The access to truth that the internet provides and has seen the dictators of the Arab world overthrown has work yet to do. Either the leaders of the western world must face up to reality and put aside their dishonesty or they must start to repress and misinform us even more.

The euro crisis, the impending US attack on Iran, the brutalisation of Gaza, the wider “war on drugs” and CIA-run trade in heroin and cocaine. The unstable nuclear state of Pakistan.

Never has the world been so ripe for revolution and war.

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