10 Dec Cameron Cops Out On Drugs Inquiry Exactly Like Leveson

Mr Slippery

A select committee inquiry is a very useful tool for a weak leader. You can kick the ball into the very long grass for a year or more. If you have a suitably ambitious select committee chairman you can gain his support for an effective PR exercise which will make you look as if you’re actually doing something.

You need to get good media visibility for the inquiry. As many celebrities as possible,even if they are a little controversial. Their pictures will be in The Sun and the Mail and the plebs, their brains dulled on cheap white cider, will register that there was an inquiry into the press ‘cos Hugh Grant was there, innit? And there was a drugs inquiry too ‘cos Russell Brand was there, weren’t he?

This is Cameron’s view of the electorate and, on behalf of his sponsors in the banks, Big Booze and Big Pharma, this is his scheme.

It is a disgraceful scandal and fraud on the public purse that, obviously, these well funded inquiries are set up with no intention at all of listening to what they say. Even if you’ve said that you will definitely implement their recommendations (unless they’re “bonkers”) it doesn’t matter. It can be spun, blagged, at will, with ease, because as long as you keep the press onside, you can dominate the news agenda and bully anyone you want to.

Obviously you will appoint the best experts to the inquiries and the evidence will be heard but what does that matter? Evidence-based policy is a myth. The truth is precisely the opposite. Cameron gets to look as if he’s doing things thoroughly but does exactly what he and his cronies want anyway.

It was Peter Hitchens who coined the moniker ‘Mr Slippery’ and on this I am entirely in agreement with him.