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I wrote to Mr Cameron again today.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is now more than six months since you spoke untruths about cannabis during your YouTube Al Jazeera interview. You have taken no steps at all to correct these. This, from the leader of Britain, is as much evidence of a moral decline as any thieving rioter, greedy banker or cheating MP. Are you in the business of misinformation and propaganda or of truth?

On behalf of the millions of people who use cannabis in Britain, I have written to you on 26th February, 9th and 16th March, 5th and 26th April and 4th July 2011. In response, all I have received are blandishments and a note that my correspondence is “under consideration”.

This year I have made around 30 Press Complaints Commission complaints and two to the Office of Judicial Complaints, all concerning falsehood and untruths about cannabis. I can call newspaper editors to account, even judges but for you, our prime minister, it seems there is no accountability at all.

That the words you spoke were false, there is no doubt. I have already provided you with scientific evidence that is absolute proof of this. Cannabis is not “incredibly damaging”, nor “very, very toxic”. There is only a tiny risk of mental health problems, much less than alcohol, tobacco or even energy drinks. It is nonsense to say that scientific and medical authorities are “free to make independent determinations” about medicinal use. The Home Office is engaged in a cruel and brutal campaign to deny medicine to those who need it unless it comes from its partner and unlawful monopoly producer GW Pharmaceuticals. The Department of Health refuses even to discuss the matter and GPs are warned not to prescribe medicinal cannabis in blatant suppression of their prescribing rights.

You can continue in a Colonel Gaddafi style denial of the truth but neither I, nor the members of CLEAR, nor the millions of responsible and respectable citizens who use cannabis will let you get away with it.

Will you please now deal with this issue in the honourable and honest way that we are entitled to expect?

Yours sincerely,

Peter Reynolds