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I have written to Mr Cameron again today. I have also sent a file of all my correspondence to Paul Flynn MP who has agreed to write to Mr Cameron asking why in a period of nine months he has not seen fit to reply to me.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Your failure to respond to my seven letters since February (copies attached) about the untruths you spoke about cannabis is more than just rude. It now amounts to a denial of democracy. It also convinces me that you knew full well that what you said in your YouTube Al Jazeera interview was untrue and you were in fact knowingly and deliberately lying. What other conclusion do you expect any reasonable person to draw from your failure to correct these untruths?

Similarly, the arrogant and dismissive replies that hundreds of my members receive from the Home Office either directly or via their MPs about cannabis, particularly medicinal use, are insulting in their refusal to consider any representations or arguments. Your ministers and their civil servants trot out repetitive and facile standard paragraphs that demean the entire democratic process and reveal a corrupt and dishonourable intent not to listen or consider what British citizens have to say.

This arrogance demonstrates the appalling conceit of your government. When you deny people their right to be heard, you must expect them to adopt other tactics. You are in fact inciting people towards non-peaceful action. There is no excuse for your conduct. You are not in office to pursue your goals without regard to the people. Your first responsibility is to serve the people and you are failing dismally to do so.

Your government is characterised by this arrogance and aloofness more so than any I can remember in my lifetime and not just on the issue of cannabis. You are hopelessly out of touch with what the people of Britain want from their government and deluded in your belief that locked away in your ivory towers that you will escape the consequences of your actions.

On a personal note, I have voted Tory all my life but your government has turned me away as never before. It is nothing to do with the economic reality. It is about how you as part of the ruling oligarchy have stolen our democratic rights. You and your ministers seem to have no interest in the people at all, only in your own ambition.

Reluctantly I conclude that writing to you or any minister is simply a waste of time and that is why, unless I get a reasonable response, this will be my last letter to you. Instead we will turn to more direct forms of action.

Your government is only different from the governments of Syria and Iran by degree. You oppress, and repress citizens in exactly the same way although not yet with the same degree of violence.

However, this is the direction you are moving. If you do not respect democracy and listen to people’s concerns, I believe you will provoke more violence on the streets.

Will you please now respond to my correspondence appropriately? Please will you or one of your ministers arrange to meet with me?

Yours sincerely,

Peter Reynolds

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