14 Jan Cameron’s Irresponsible And Hypocritical Drugs Policy Is a Scandal

Public Enemy No. 1

The obnoxious posh toff was suspended from Eton for weed. He undoubtedly shared his chum George Osborne’s penchant for cocaine during his Bullingdon Club hooliganism. When he was an ambitious backbencher on the Home Affairs committee 10 years ago he was all for reform.

Now he’s a dishonest, corrupt coward, more interested in appeasing his sponsors in Big Booze and Big Tobacco than he is in any genuine concern for health or for the actual effects of his disastrous policy of prohibition.

He is a walking, talking but completely unthinking monster. His obstinacy, cruelty and unbelievable arrogance is causing harm and danger to millions of young people. He denies millions more the relief they need from medicinal cannabis because of the unlawful licence granted to GW Pharma for Sativex. He ignores all expert advice. He grovels in submission to the merest criticism of the Fleet Street mafia. The man is not our prime minister. He is the enemy of the British people. His pretence at doing anything in our interest is a lie. He is a self-serving, irresponsible, hypocritical, conniving coward.

His only real concern is his own position and firstly, that means the Tory MPs that he depends on. Secondly, and I believe it is a delusion, is that small, privileged elite of newspaper and TV journalists who he believes are important. They aren’t. They are becoming increasingly irrelevant as the internet breathes freedom and truth where before there was only self-interest and deception.

Drugs policy, more than any other issue, clearly demonstrates the incompetence, cowardice and corruption in our political system. Cameron and his cronies don’t give two hoots about health harms. That consideration has absolutely nothing to do with drugs policy.

Notice also the complete absence of any comment from the Labour party. These degenerate, self-serving confidence tricksters in all parties are concerned only with appeasing the alcohol and tobacco lobbies and cowering in fear from press comment.

They are all the same. They are all unfit to govern and their dishonest, deceitful policies actually cause harm rather than preventing it.

Cameron is public enemy number one and he needs to be brought down.

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