29 Jul Can We Get 100,000 Signatures?

Today I submitted a “Tax & Regulate Cannabis” petition on the government’s new e-petitions website:

Tax & Regulate Cannabis

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, the government should introduce a system of regulation for the production and supply of cannabis. This would include personal cultivation licences for up to six plants, commercial cultivation licences, sales through licensed outlets to adults only. The system would be funded by licence fees and a £1 per gram tax on retail sales. This would also provide funding for additional education and healthcare services.

I have to wait up to a week to see whether it is approved. Then, if we can get 100,000 signatures within 6 months, a committee of MPs will consider whether or not to give it parliamentary time. See the full story here.

Of course, cannabis law reform was the most popular proposal on the Your Freedom website – which was promptly shelved as a result. It’s also been the most popular idea on President Obama’s websites and was the second most popular proposal on the AlJazeera YouTube interview with David Cameron earlier this year, when our prime minister disgraced himself with a series of crass and ridiculous untruths which he still hasn’t corrected.

Petitions have become devalued in the last couple of years. Although Avaaz and 38 Degrees have done some good work, there are now so many of them that they have become virtually meaningless. This though is the official government petition site and there can only be one petition on each subject. We have to give it a go and we have to aim to get not just one hundred thousand signatures but many more.

If my petition on the subject doesn’t get through, I’m sure another will. Then we must all work together as never before to get our voters out. We must make the millions of us who use cannabis stand up to be counted. We must take this chance!