21 May Cannabis: Nature’s Miracle

INDIGO HAWK has been medicating himself with marijuana for nineteen years, yet he’s only known he’s been ill for the last two.

Indigo Hawk by the River Dart in Totnes, Devon.

In February 2009, Indigo experienced a numbness which started in his hands and within a week had spread throughout his whole body. His GP sent him to a neurologist who performed some tests suspecting he had Multiple Sclerosis. She carried out a nerve reaction test, which is basically pricking his skin with a pin, the test showed only the right hand side of his cheek and the right side of the stomach had any sensitivity to pain. The neurologist sent Indigo for a MRI scan of the spine and the brain, which confirmed definite M.S., which in their medical opinion he has had for 23 years, since the age of seventeen.

The scan revealed multiple deep lesions, which is damage to nerve endings. The neurologist, Prof Hobart, told Indigo he couldn’t understand how he was functioning. In his opinion, he should have been a vegetable, unable to use any of the motor functions in his body. The scan showed an area the size of a skullcap with hundreds of black holes going into the central cortex of the brain. Also it showed a large black hole in the left hand side of the brain and on the right hand side of the brain, the same size hole, but white. The brain had receded into the skull by half an inch and scans also showed white scarring all the way down the right hand side of the spine.When initially told he had M.S., Indigo quipped with the neurologist he’d had multiple stupidity all his life and also minimum stress and maximum strength. To those of us that know Indigo, this will be of no surprise, as he has always been a person full of the vitality of life.

The doctors originally wanted to prescribe steroids and beta-interferon, which Indigo politely refused, saying “no thank you, I’m all right”, knowing full well what medication he needed, and had in fact already been taking for many years.”I first smoked cannabis when I was 21 years old with my sister who is three years older than me. She was also diagnosed with M.S. at around the same time as me, however, she stopped smoking cannabis in around 1994 and is now in a wheelchair and can’t use her hands,” explains Indigo.

“I’m in no doubt it is my cannabis use that has kept me functioning as a human being. Cannabis is so effective that the condition went unnoticed for so many years. It’s only in recent years I’ve even known I have M.S.

Walking miracle

“My doctor has told me he would not discourage me from smoking cannabis and my MS nurse, having seen the scans and treated hundreds of MS patients, described me as a ‘walking miracle’.

Of course the medicine that enables Indigo to live a fuller life is illegal. He is unwilling to take the hugely expensive Sativex, because of certain additives such as propylene glycol and the “hideously vile mint flavouring”.

“In the morning I wake up very stiff with aches and pains all over my body, the first thing I do is roll a joint, which immediately alleviates the MS symptoms. It is outrageous I’m not able to legally medicate myself. It’s such a hassle and expense to get hold of my medication, it would make my life so much easier if I could get my medicine legally. Cannabis is the only thing that works for me and it’s the only reason I’m not in a wheel chair.

To those who forbid medical marijuana Indigo says: “How would you know, unless you have an illness yourself?”

Wondrous herb

“It’s time for politicians to grow up and stop denying people in pain the only medicine that alleviates their suffering. I know cannabis to be a wondrous herb of nature to benefit humanity,” concludes Indigo.

Indigo Hawk