09 Sep Cannabis Oil And Cancer

CLEAR receives a lot of requests for information about treating cancer with cannabis oil. These relate of course to the very exciting stories that come from Rick Simpson, his film “Run From The Cure” and the organisation Phoenix Tears.

In particular there is one image going around the internet that claims “chemotherapy kills 7 out of 10 whilst good oil cures 7 out of ten”.

Peter Reynolds gave this answer to a recent inquiry:

It’s not on the CLEAR page because I’m afraid it’s nonsense.

It has also been denounced by Moms for Marijuana as it was falsely attributed to them.

There is some very exciting anecdotal evidence about cannabis oil but it is false, misleading and extremely cruel to make irresponsible statements like this.

While there is some good scientific evidence that some skin cancers have been successfully treated with cannabis oil, all the solid evidence about other cancers is either in animal experiments or “in vitro”. Also, nearly all the studies aren’t about cannabis but about individual cannabinoids, often synthetic analogues.

Proper research is urgently needed into cannabis oil because there are some very exciting possibilities. Personally, if I was diagnosed with cancer I would want to try it, not least because it couldn’t cause me any harm.

There’s a huge difference between that though and making the sort of irresponsible claims that picture does.