11 Apr Cannabis Saves Lives.

CLEAR has published a revised and updated version of its leaflet on medicinal cannabis. This will shortly be available for purchase and for inclusion in membership packs. As with the previous version we shall also be carrying our carefully targeted and timed leafleting campaigns.

Each year we choose a relevant day to saturate Parliament Square and Whitehall with the CLEAR message.

If you have an event or an opportunity to distribute leaflets, please get in touch. We are always ready to consider a special print run.

Cannabis Saves Lives hi resDownload as PDF

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The CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel (MUP)

CLEAR has been running a panel of medicinal cannabis users since 2012 and it has quickly grown to be central to our campaign.

These are a group of people for whom cannabis provides a form of treatment for a variety of symptoms, and indeed in some cases, the only relief possible. They have all joined the Medicinal Users Panel to have their voices heard and together we are making that happen.

More information about MUP

Peter Reynolds discussing medicinal cannabis

BBC Radio Medway April 8th 2015

Cannabis Saves Lives (click for larger)

Cannabis Saves Lives (click for larger)