07 May Cardiff, 7th May 2011, Million Marijuana March. Hippies In Suits

It was a great day, a great spirit, a wonderful demonstration of unity and peaceful protest.

I was inspired and I know many more felt the same. We weren’t a million on our own but we were close to a thousand.

We marched from Cathays Park in a great loop through the heart of Cardiff, past the castle, the arcades and the grand Victorian department stores , all of which are distant childhood memories for me. We arrived by the fountains outside the majestic Edwardian City Hall where speeches were given, music was played, the sun shone and the war on prohibition was gloriously encouraged.

It was magnificent!

Rhys Morgan and Des Humphrey organised a wonderful day, the first official CLEAR event. It was very moving to be in the heart of that happy throng, sauntering with good humour amongst the slightly bemused shoppers. We were met with almost universal welcome and encouragement. People were interested to take our leaflets and impressed, I think, by our friendly and peaceful demeanour.

We deployed our new secret weapon – hippies in suits. Clark French and the Beau Brummels of Reading led the way.

It disconcerts them. They don’t know how to take it, particularly when they’re asked politely to read our material. Before they know it, they’re smiling back!

Rhys called the crowd to order. I said my piece, then Clark explained how cannabis enables him to cope with the reality of MS. Levent Akbulut delivered a speech appealing for the formation of an SSDP chapter in Wales and we were honoured to welcome the newly elected Welsh Assembly Member, Leanne Wood. She spoke as a representative of the people of Wales, calling for a tax and regulate regime for cannabis.

It was a great day. CLEAR recruited many new members. We spoke to the capital city of Wales. I believe we were heard.